4 Things Every Woman Wants for Christmas

Consciously or not every person is waiting for some magic to happen on Christmas Eve. Since childhood, we were taught by adults to hope for our wishes to come true on this night. As long as we are not kids anymore, and have the people we care about, it’s now our turn to take responsibility for their Christmas miracles. 

Women tend to be affected by the atmosphere and romanticize the holiday more. It’s the time of the year when every woman is waiting for the chance to become a heroine of a fairy tale who gets spoiled by her every wish. But in order to become her Fairy Godmother, you need to guess her desires. To lead your magic the right way we offer 4 things every woman would be happy to get as a Christmas gift.

  1. Charming shine of diamond jewelry

Your mother, sister, girlfriend, wife or daughter is the woman, who without any doubt deserves the best. That’s why if you chose jewelry as the gift for Christmas, it should be the best you can get. Could there be anything better than diamonds? The variety of diamond jewelry without exaggeration is so grand, it’s easy to get lost while searching for the right piece. Thankfully, there’s one item that will never fail you. Tennis bracelet is the diamond bracelet for women that is ready to make every girl’s heart quiver. The design of the jewelry is perfect due to its simplicity and elegance. Initially made as a single row of identical colorless diamonds, it has now evolved and may feature two or more rows of gems of different cuts, colors and combinations. But simplicity and elegance remain its main criteria. 

Though, being quite an expensive diamond bracelet, it is worth every cent of the price. The iconic Tennis bracelet represents the timeless classic that suits absolutely every woman with no exceptions, it is able to finish any look possible, and can never become outdated. Usually, ‘practical’ is not the word that you may find in the description of diamond jewelry, but the Tennis bracelet is able to combine sophisticated brilliance of the diamonds with its versatility. It’s the diamonds that are not meant to be carefully stored in the jewelry box, but the ones to show off every day. Diamond bracelet is a Christmas gift that will definitely add a sparkling charm to the special night.

  1. Magic of a favorite scent

The intimacy of your relationships can be expressed through a very personal Christmas gift. Perfumes should be given to a special person only when you’re 100% sure you know her preferences and can be gifted the Popular scents of the year. It’s not the case when something that is trendy now, something your friend suggested or something that fits your taste will do. That’s why you won’t find any names or brands here, as we may offer a gift idea, but it’s beyond anyone’s competence to recommend a perfume every woman will like.

The best way to make this Christmas gift work is to know exactly the name of her favorite perfume. If you still opt to rely on your intuition, at least make sure to figure out her preferences of scent motifs. The favorite aroma is not the secret information about a person, but it’s the one that takes your attention and interest. The main idea of this gift is not only giving her what she likes, but showing that you know exactly what she likes even if it’s such a detail as her favorite scent. If you don’t know the name of her perfume, it’s just about time to casually ask, trying not to arouse suspicions (if you want the gift to be a surprise, of course). If there’s a chance for you to reach the place where she keeps her cosmetics and all those strange bottles, try to find perfumes among them and memorize the name or even better, take a photo. Every woman would be delighted to get her favorite perfume for Christmas, but she will be even more grateful for your attention.

  1. Warm care

As Christmas is celebrated during the coldest season of the year, the craving for warmth is reasonable and understandable. The desire to wrap something warm and soft around yourself is only natural, and you may be quite sure that you’re not the only one in this urge. Every woman feels just the same, so why not make it the reason for a gift? A cashmere scarf, nicely knitted sweater, a soft robe or a warm blanket may be just the options for you. 

Those things may not only make the ones dear to you warm, they also make a heartwarming reminder of how much you care about their comfort. Just imagine her putting on a scarf during a snowy weather smiling at the thought of you; or hurrying home to reward herself for a hard day with a few episodes of her favorite show under the soft and cozy blanket given by you… 

Besides, those things provide a great opportunity for you to reveal your skills if you have them. Handmade knitted things are even more valuable, as they can warm not only the body, but the soul as well. Don’t be upset if you don’t possess such talents, just pick the warmest, the softest and the cutest thing to make this Christmas gift the best-loved item in the wardrobe or around the house.

  1. Furnishing dream castles

Hobbies and passions are the most important parts of human soul. They are often the very reason of a person’s existence, the purpose that keeps him or her moving. Frequently, people prefer to keep them secret and trust them only to the closest. If you were initiated into those secrets, you should understand how significant you are. It’s not surprising you may want to justify trust and pay back with something special. 

The good news is that women with hobbies and interests are easy to please. The number and diversity of hobbies these days are impossible to realize, but knowing her interests brings clear understanding of her desires. We are living in a materialistic world where every dream may be easily made into a product for sale. Every book, movie or game is a franchise offering items that please fans; for the keen needlewoman, artist or any other creative person there are tons of specific instruments to make the process of creation easier and their works better; for the women who prefer devoting their free time to sport there are a lot of gadgets, clothes and other stuff to enhance pleasure and efficiency of their training… You’ve got the idea, the key is the knowledge of her passion and if she shared it with you, if she let you in her dream castle, you need to try very hard to help her built and furnish it. The best you can do is show as much support as you can, and the Christmas gift featuring something referring to her interests is the right way to do it.

If you’ve made it this far, it’s the sign of how strongly you’re determined to bring a little of Christmas magic into the life of your precious woman. There’s absolutely no doubt that your noble goal will succeed, we just hope our list has made a contribution to it.

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