5 Reasons To Get a Mouth Guard From Your Dentist

To protect your teeth, jaws, and overall oral health, consult a qualified family dentist for a mouth guard. Use the customized options that provide tailored protection. Here are five reasons why you should get a mouth guard from your dentist:

1. Customized Fit

Seek a qualified family dentist who offers you a mouth guard customized for your dental anatomy. A dentist will take a mold of your teeth to help them take measurements to help design a guard that fits you perfectly. This can provide the necessary comfort so you can wear it consistently for adequate protection.

2. Superior Protection

A custom mouth guard helps protect your teeth against fractures and chips that may occur while playing sports or when you grind your teeth while sleeping. One that fits well can offer proper shock absorption to help reduce trauma to your teeth.

A mouth guard also helps protect against joint disorders that may result from excessively clenching or grinding the teeth. These disorders can cause pain in the jaw, head, and behind the eyes. It might travel to your shoulder, face, back, and neck. It may also cause earaches and jaw clicking. Wearing a custom mouth guard helps reduce pressure and the risk of developing a disorder.

3. Constant Durability

A dentist can give you a high-quality mouth guard to withstand regular use. Generic alternatives may wear out quickly or lose shape over time, but a custom mouth guard’s longevity lasts if you use it properly. It will also provide accurate protection.

Custom mouth guards from qualified dentists provide optimal functionality and effectiveness to athletes or individuals looking for relief from grinding their teeth during sleep. Dentists can fit them precisely and tailor their design to your teeth, the shape of your mouth, or jaw. This helps you breathe and talk without any restrictions.

4. Oral Health Assessment

A dentist can examine and offer professional assistance regarding your dental health as they fit your mouth guard. They offer a comprehensive oral health assessment for your teeth, gums, and jaw alignment. Your family dentist can recommend any treatment plans according to your needs. This examination helps them detect any underlying dental issues and address them early. 

5. Customization Options 

Custom mouth guards offer several options to protect your teeth, lips, cheeks, or tongue. If you prefer a specific design or improved airflow, your dentist can help create these customized options. Getting a mouth guard from a qualified dentist reduces dental trauma for athletes and prevents injuries to the gums or cheeks. A custom mouth guard assures you that your teeth, jaws, and overall well-being are protected.

Consult Your Family Dentist for a Mouth Guard 

Investing in a professionally fitted mouth guard from your dentist offers numerous advantages. This includes customized comfort, superior protection, professional guidance, and peace of mind. Prioritize your oral health and seek the expertise of a dental professional so you can enjoy the benefits of optimal protection and functionality for years to come. Contact your family dentist today to schedule an appointment.

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