6 Advantages of A Portable Cold Compression Unit

Pain and muscle strains can affect one’s quality of life. One of the ways to relieve such pain is through cold therapy, a part of the RICE treatment (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation) –  a healing method practiced globally.

Traditional cold therapy comprises holding an ice pack with an elastic bandage against the injury. However, technological advances have improved cold therapy by introducing machines that circulate the water through a reservoir. Unlike an ice pack, a cold therapy machine offers therapeutic cold and pressure, which is helpful in healing.

Here are six advantages of a portable cold compression unit.

  • Efficient Compared To Traditional Ice Treatment

Portable compression units like the Breg Polar Care Wave eliminate pain and swelling by compressing and restricting blood flow to the application area. These units combine the RICE and cryotherapy techniques in functionality to relieve pain and swelling. The unit functionality ensures penetration of the cold to deeper areas, and the effect lasts longer. To relieve swelling and oedema, the compression unit distributes alternating pressure to the swollen area, pushing off excess water for elimination by the renal system.

  • Convenience And Portability

Unlike the traditional ice treatment where you have to prepare the ice in advance and wait for it to form, using a cold therapy unit is convenient as all you will do is turn the unit on and enjoy consistent temperatures as the water circulates continuously through the machine. Also, an ice pack starts melting quickly when it comes in contact with your body temperature, which is not the case with a cold therapy unit. The portability of the machine also allows you to use the unit on the go for weekend trips and travel.

  • You Will Use Less Pain Medication

Portable cold compression units work by numbing the nerve endings to decrease pain. Slowing communication between your brain and body means less pain and a reduction in reliance on pain medication, especially after surgery or injury.

  • It Is Customizable

Portable cold compression units, unlike ice, feature settings that you can manipulate to your preference. For instance, the Breg Polar Care Wave has a Y adapter for bilateral use, several pad configurations and varied compression and cold settings.

  • Easy To Use

Most portable cold compression units are easy to operate by following the simple instructions in the manual. The units are also designed for single patients with added accessories for an easier system refill. A typical portable cold compression unit will comprise the following accessories:

  • Power supply
  • Instruction manual
  • Hosing
  • Cold therapy pad
  • Proven Pain Relief Technology By The Breg Polar Care Wave

In addition to the above features, purchasing a portable cold compression unit like the Breg Polar Care Wave offers a proven pain relief guarantee courtesy of the class II 510 (k) clearance. The units also feature high-quality compression pads for optimum functionality.

Consider A Portable Cold Compression Unit For Pain Relief

Whether dealing with chronic pain or recovering from an injury, opting for a portable cold compression unit is advisable. With this unit, you will enjoy efficiency courtesy of its functionality, proven technology, and ease of use. Therefore, do not suffer in silence and switch to portable compression units for pain relief.

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