7 Best Outdoor Adventures to Explore this Summer in Columbus

At the crossroads of storied history and artistic vibrancy lies Columbus—an unsung gem for those thirsty for outdoor exploits. As the city basks in the amber embrace of summer, opportunities for exploration blossom at every corner. Columbus beckons if you’re tracing the footsteps of its past, admiring contemporary murals, or seeking the thrill of open-air adventures. Both locals and newcomers, ready your summer hats and sunscreen—this is your essential guide to relishing a sun-drenched Columbus summer.

Here is a list of the best seven things to do in Columbus Ohio, during your summer break. Let’s plan your vacation. 

  1. Scioto Mile: Nestled in the heart of Columbus, the Scioto Mile is a fusion of urban convenience and nature’s tranquility. Beyond being a park, it offers a multitude of summer activities. You’re treated to breathtaking skyline panoramas as you pedal down its meandering paths. A quiet walk provides an intimate encounter with the city’s charm, while kayaking gives a new perspective. As temperatures rise, locals and tourists flock to the refreshing embrace of the Bicentennial Park fountain. Beyond its daily allure, the park comes alive with vibrant summer events—concerts, food festivals, and more.
  2. Hocking Hills State Park: Dubbed nature’s canvas, it mesmerizes with its raw beauty. Lush forests beckon hikers, leading them past dramatic waterfalls and revealing ancient rock shelters. These trails are more than just pathways; they’re time machines to an age long past. The Canopy Challenge Adventure Course amplifies the thrill. Suspended among the treetops, feel the rush as you zip-line across the verdant canopy or navigate intricate obstacle courses. A summer visit demands preparation—stay hydrated, prioritize comfort with sturdy shoes, and, to escape peak crowds, consider an early morning start.
  3. ZipZone Outdoor Adventures: Elevate your Columbus experience—quite literally! ZipZone offers not just an activity but an aerial adventure. Imagine soaring above sprawling landscapes, feeling the wind rush past, all while soaking in panoramic vistas of Columbus’ untouched natural beauty. Each zip offers a unique perspective, a momentary thrill, and an enduring memory. Their summer specials are not to be missed; unique offerings like twilight zips or ethereal full moon tours add a touch of magic to the adventure.
  4. Alum Creek State Park: Glistening waters against a backdrop of Ohio’s blue skies make Alum Creek State Park summer’s favorite retreat. Its expansive reservoir is a haven for aquatic enthusiasts. Whether you’re hijacking a sailboat, angling for the catch of the day, or simply diving into the shimmering waters, Alum Creek promises pure rejuvenation. For those seeking an extended nature immersion, the park’s camping amenities are top-notch. Pack a gourmet picnic, laze on the grassy shores, and let nature’s symphony serenade you.
  5. Olentangy Indian Caverns: History and nature converge in the mysterious depths of the Olentangy Indian Caverns. Formed by the relentless hands of time, these caverns served as sanctuaries and council chambers for ancient Native American tribes. As you delve deeper, the outside world fades, replaced by stories etched in stalactites and rock walls. Guided tours are a treasure trove of insights, intertwining tribal legends with geological wonders and a deep appreciation for the land’s rich tapestry of history.
  6. Hoover Reservoir Park: Tucked away from the city’s hustle, Hoover Reservoir Park is a slice of serenity. Its expansive waters are perfect for paddleboarding, introducing beginners and experts to the reservoir’s calm embrace. Those with a penchant for sailing will find the gentle breezes invigorating. For anglers, the park’s abundant aquatic life promises a rewarding day. Beyond activities, the park’s beauty is its own attraction. Find a cozy nook, lay down a picnic blanket, and savor the simple pleasure of a sunset.
  7. The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium’s Zoombezi Bay: An adrenaline-packed adventure awaits at Zoombezi Bay, the crown jewel of Columbus’ recreational scene. More than just a waterpark, it’s an immersion in exhilaration. From gravity-defying slides to gigantic wave pools that recreate the ocean’s might, every corner promises a thrill. For those seeking relaxation, the lazy river offers a tranquil drift. With summer’s popularity, foresight is critical. Secure your tickets early and get a head start to secure the best spots.



In the heart of Ohio, Columbus unfurls a tapestry of experiences, from heart-racing aerial escapades to meditative moments by serene waters. Every corner, trail, and splash echoes the city’s embrace of summer’s magic. As you chart this journey, consider elevating your culinary experiences. Why not indulge in bespoke dining with a personal chef in Columbus? It’s the gourmet way to culminate your adventures. You’re not just witnessing the city’s splendors but weaving memories to cherish for years. Dive deep into Columbus’ summer allure, and let every moment etch a story.

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