All You Need To Know About Domo Software

In the market, there are currently a good number of subscription-based data management software. Domo is a data analytics and solution software that offers features based on the user’s needs. Its scope covers large and small businesses and all their analytical data needs. 

Analytics is crucial for all businesses and fields. It helps in studying the data and getting actual results. So, if you are wondering, “What Is Domo?” it is helpful software for data analytics purposes and has a focus on consumer designs. Domo has various features and extensive applications. To better understand Domo, read below. 

What Is Domo? 

Domo analytics is also known as business intelligence software for service. It helps companies get raw data, transform it into more manageable and accessible information, and store it on various databases. Domo then uses this stored data for business analytics in the form of focus graphs and reports. You can find ways to how to turn on invert colors maximize profit, reduce costs, and make contact with various business opportunities. 

As it’s a cloud-based analytical solution, it helps to view performance, growth, and figures more holistically. As Domo focuses highly on business intelligence, its features are flexible according to your data and its uses. Having access to manageable, analyzed, and real-time data makes it easily readable and helps with better judgment on that data for annual tasks or important meetings. So, What Is Domo? In simple words, it’s an analytical service-based software that helps present data graphically.

Features Of Domo

The features of any particular software make it better and different from the others. Knowing these features helps you understand, and become comfortable working with, the software. The below features will help you understand further. 

Reports And Dashboards 

Domo currently has more than 150 types of charts and at least 7,000 map customization options. No matter what kind of report or data it may be, it can easily be managed and represented with the help of these tools. Further, it has various options, such as content creation and shareability with easy, customizable dashboard deployment. 


Of course, Domo is most easily used on larger computers, but no matter your mobile phone, Domo is available for Android and IOS too. You can customize data, create reports, and share them, all from your phone. All the features incorporated together make it easier for businesses to use without wasting time on software education. Its features can also be updated according to the user’s needs, as it doesn’t require coding to make changes in its setup. 

Connecting Data

There are currently at least 1,000 already built cloud connectors for its on-premise application. These connectors range from the most basic ones, such as the standard custom connectors, to multi-cloud and secured write-back connectors. These do not cause problems when transferring data through APIs and software development kits


It has very flexible security for every user. They can also opt to bring their own key encryption if additional security is needed. Domo doesn’t compromise with security and even gives the user some flexibility with its use of the application. It provides users with flexible group access, workflow, administration, and a sandbox.  

Cloud Infrastructure

To incorporate more accessible data storage and have massive parallel processing, also known as MPP, along with dynamic scaling, its architecture is native to the cloud. Its design uses various cloud services for dynamic and faster application development. 


With the help of visualization tools, Domo provides easily accessible dashboards and embedded analytics for ease of use and self-service to all its users. Unlike others, it doesn’t need special software education and even provides a customized workplace. Along with that, you can also share data with other people, making it a perfect business interface and service-based software.

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