Amelia Woolley: Who is She? Is She Dating The One Direction Singer?

If you’ve heard about the Irish singer, Niall Horan, there is no way you wouldn’t be eager to know who the gorgeous lady was that walked the red carpet with to the Niall Horan & Rose Gala in London. Well, to break the heart of all Niall Horan fans, the lady in the sequined black dress was Amelia Woolley!

The lady is known to be dating the One Direction singer. But hold on! If I speak about the entire thing to you today, you wouldn’t be interested in the rest of the file, would you? So, let’s take a quick look at the following segment and find out more about Amelia Wooley!

amelia woolley

Who is Amelia Woolley?

The question surely sprouted up at the arrival of the duo at the Niall Horan & Rose Gala! Amelia is said to be a fashion buyer who resides in Kensington. However, Amelia is not from London by birth, and she only moved into this place when she had got a job for herself.

Amelia was born in 1996, and as of now, she is 25 years. However, we are not sure about her parents’ names, nor are we clear about her date of birth. With relevant sources, it is clear that the lady is born in the year 1996. But further details are yet to be disclosed.

Does Amelia Have Siblings? Who are Amelia’s parents?

It’s quite a common question that often comes up! However, we have no information in this regard as of now. As we have mentioned earlier, Amelia is a private person and does not like to speak about her private life much.

amelia woolley

How did the couple meet?

Well, this is a point of a query for most people who are in love with Niall Horan. And most importantly, the way the couple has been looking together, they surely have become the look-up-to idol. All of that has led to queries regarding how did the couple meet each other and many more details.

But to break the news to all the fans, the couple has been dating each other for a while now but nowhere have they mentioned details about when they met each other.

However, through some relevant information, it is seen that the couple has been dating each other since the lockdown! Even though we’ve all been caught up at home, there were places where cupid was doing its own magic.

How did Amelia & Niall Come In Contact With Each Other?

Well, this is quite a valid query that people are sure to have at the moment! And here we have some good news. Even though we don’t know exactly how the couple met each other, we can very well draw the conclusion that both of belong to the entertainment industry.

And for that, there is a high chance of both of them meeting due to events and other industry parties. Maybe we are not aware of the exact date and time, but we surely can tell you their point of contact.

amelia woolley

More About Amelia Career

As we see the profile of Amelia, its absolutely clear that she has a fantastic dressing sense. According to sources, it is said that Amelia is a fashion buyer. However, some sources also say she is a fashion designer.

In a few websites, it is revealed that Amelia also works as a commercial assistant for fashion shoe brand. But we are not very sure about the number of varied comments that have come forth regarding Amelia’s career.

Amelia Woolley Net Worth

Amelia has been in the fashion and entertainment industry for quite some time now. And it’s quite evident from the pictures that Niall and Amelia are quite close to each other.

But at the same time, we would want to say that Amelia Woolley is not one of those people who have got into the industry because of Niall. She has been working in this industry and moved to London because of her job.

So, it’s clearly evident that the lady love of Niall’s life has reached a position where her wealth and other assets can be talked about. Even though we are not clearly informed about the lady’s net worth, it can be $20 million. However, we must say that the figures are not accurate, and they will be updated as soon as we get any revelation.

How did the couple break the news of being together?

The couple, in general, likes to keep their profile a little low. But they have been spotted on some shopping sprees every now and then! However, apart from that, we haven’t seen any more pictures of the couple yet.

But the news came to the fans when Amelia took to her Instagram account and posted a picture and revealed her love for Niall, but that too was subtle. The entire love revelation was done through emojis, which clearly shows the love she shares for Niall. However, apart from that, there is nothing more that we have seen.

Rumors of Niall and Amelia

A recent rumor that broke through on Twitter was that the couple has been thinking of getting an engagement done. However, we are not aware of this, and we do not know much about their engagement or wedding plans as of now.

Final Thoughts

As we come to the end of our blog today, we hope you know quite a bit about Amelia and Niall. We hope the couple reaches new heights and their relationship also blossoms into marriage soon. However, we are all individuals, and we have a life of our own, so we wouldn’t predict anything right now.

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