Atiana de la Hoya Siblings: Is It One Or Many?

In recent times, you must be out there thinking about the 2005 release Meet the Barks. Many people get confused about the sons and daughters of the Barks. But whom everyone remembers as an active user of Instagram is Atiana De La Hoya. To understand the family line better, it’s easy to catch up with or the blog as Atiana De La Hoya Siblings.

It might be confusing to know separately who is who, but this blog will try to make it easy as much easy as possible for you to understand. So, without any delay, scroll through the blog to learn about Atiana De La Hoya Siblings!

atiana de la hoya siblings

About Atiana De La Hoya

Before you begin to learn about her siblings, you should be aware of Atiana De La Hoya. She is known for her Instagram content and her very mesmerizing beauty.

Atiana De la Hoya was born to the most talented and beautiful people in the world. Her father is a well-known boxer, Oscar De La Hoya. Whereas her mother is known for the beauty pageants, her name is Shanna Moakler.

Atiana De La Hoya had since then been raised with love separately by her parents. As soon after her birth, the parents got separated.

Oscar De La Hoya And Shanna Moakler

The couple met, and a unique love story began but it did not last more than three years. As if the three years had it all for them. In 1997, the couple met and fell in love with each other.

Soon, in 1998, very shocking news came forward about the couple getting into an engagement with each other. And soon, tied the knots with each other.

And in the year 1999, on March 29, the two of them had brought back with them the most precious Atiana De la Hoya.

Unfortunately, both Oscar De La Hoya and Shanna Moakler ended up separate from each other, and in 2000, it was officially declared as well.

How many siblings does Atiana De La Hoya has?

Atiana De La Hoya is in fact a single child of their biological parents. But if counted from both their mother’s and father’s side, she has a total of siblings. But all the siblings are called half siblings and naturally, she bonded with each of them. She shares a different vibe with each one of them as if they are her own. So, there is no difference between the half-siblings.

atiana de la hoya siblings

Half Siblings from Oscar De La Hoya’s Side

Atiana De La Hoya has been seen posting along with her father, that is, Oscar De la Hoya’s side siblings. She seems close with them and looks like she is sharing a close bond with them as well.

Firstly, she has two elder brothers. In short, Oscar De La Hoya’s first wife, Angelique McQueen. The couple had two sons, Jacob and Devon.

Jabob being the eldest can be seen through Atiana’s Instagram Birthday Post for him. In that, she mentions him being the number one brother for her showing her love and gratitude. But Jacob is known in public, but no one is really aware of what is he doing professionally.

After Jacob, Angelique McQueen gave birth to her younger one Devon. He is smart and also has a close bond with Atiana De la Hoya. Even he came into the limelight in her birthday post him mentioned as a caring and wonderful brother. Unlike Jacob, everyone knows that Devon also is a boxer, just like his ideal father Oscar De La Hoya.

After Atiana’s father, Oscar De la Hoya ended things with Shanna Moakler, he moved on. He then married Millie Corretjer. She is a well-known actress and Puerto Rican Singer. With her, Atiana received three more half-siblings.

One of them is a brother, Oscar Gabrial De La Hoya and the other two are girls, Lauren Nenitte De La Hoya and Victoria Lauren Rose De la Hoya. All three of them are younger than Atiana De la Hoya. And the biggest catch is that she is close with all of them. She has a bonding that she shares. Her fans think that she would have shared the same bond with her own sibling like she does with her half siblings.

Half Siblings from Shanna Moakler’s Side

After Atiana De La Hoya’s mother broke her engagement with Oscar De la Hoya in 2000, she moved on. She then went to find love in Travis Barker. She married him and gave off off-springs. Moreover, she has one son and a daughter with him. Both are young in age, perhaps eighteen and sixteen years old, respectively. But this is just an estimation as it is not mentioned properly in any of the referred sources.

The son’s name is Landon Asher Barker, and he looks very close to Atiana as a younger half-sibling, as seen through Atiana De la Hoya’s Instagram. And the other half-sister is Allabama Luella Barker. She is also young, but the two sisters are close to each other and like support as well.

Atiana has never herself from her mother; that is, Shanna Moakler’s kept a distance. But looks like a part of the family. She shares a great bond with Shanna Moakler’s husband or her stepfather Travis Bark as well.

atiana de la hoya siblings

Conclusive Insights

With this, we have come to the end of our blog! You must have learned about all the Siblings that Atiana De la Hoya has in total. You might be thinking that she is bonded with all of them. But it is good to read or hear that she is not sad or ruled by anyone. Atiana De La Hoya shows that blood relations are not the only ones who can be close, but half-siblings can be close as well.

Hopefully, you have git the relevant information that you were looking for. Let us know if the blog was helpful to you or not. Also, share this blog with those who want to learn the same about Atiana De la hoya’s Siblings!

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