Baki the Grappler Where to Watch The Anime In High Resolution?

Anime is the biggest obsession in recent days. Once you start an anime, it takes days for you to become a weeb (anime lover). Anime characters are very unique, and with their amazing characteristics, one cannot help but fall in love with them. There is an anime of every genre, starting from romance to horror. If you want to watch a thrill or suspense, you will have it there. Moreover, the concepts that are presented in each of the anime make it special as well as popular too. In this blog, we will talk about none but one of the most-watched anime series, Baki the Grappler. This anime has a good IMDB rating and it falls under the most-watched anime series as well. In this blog, we will also let the readers know where to watch it. So, scroll down and waste no more of your time.

Baki the Grappler Where to Watch

What is the story behind Baki the Grappler?

Baki the Grappler is also known as the Grappler Baki; it is a Japanese manga series. The animated series is adapted from this book itself. This manga series became very much popular, which is why it was made into an animated series as well.

The story surrounds Baki, who is the main protagonist of the story. His full name is Baki Hanma, and in this story, he is raised by his mother, who is pretty much wealthy. In this story, his mother goes by the name Emi Akezawa. His mother is funding all his training so that he becomes as strong as his father. His mother wishes that he becomes like his father, who in this story goes by the name Yujiro Hanma.

Baki works hard and follows traditional training, and he becomes a good warrior as well. He faces lots of challenges along the way, and he also follows the training of his father. He even faces him in the end and has to fight him. Very unfortunately, he is not able to win, which is very obvious.

Later he decides to go around the world and decides to go ahead with his training. And then he discovers the thing that changes his life, an underground fighting arena. Here he meets people who are specialized in various types of martial arts. And then he begins to get to know his actual skills and gets stronger. He also gets stronger than his father. In the series, he faces various challenges and hurdles as he continues his journey.

Manga series

The manga series also has become famous and has acquired a lot of viewers in recent days. Manga reading is also considered an obsession and those who love to watch anime, are manga lovers as well. So, here is the list of the main series of Baki the grappler.

  1. Grappler Baki- This is the original series, and this was collected in 42 volumes. It was serialized in Weekly Shonen Champion, and it was released from 1991-1999.
  2. Baki- This was the second in the series, and it was also serialized in the Weekly Shonen from the year 1999-2005.
  3. Baki Hanma- This was the third in the series, and this was serialized in the Weekly Shonen as well. It was released between 2005-2012.
  4. Baki Dou- The fourth series, as usual, was released in Weekly Shonen and was between the year 2014-2018.
  5. Bakidou- This was the fifth series, and it had its serialization in Weekly Shonen Champion. It was released in the year of 2018.

Later, they released more spin-offs, and they became a hit as well.

Baki the Grappler Where to Watch

About the anime

Baki The Grappler, an anime series, has an IMDB of 7.5/10, and it has a total of 2 seasons. The anime series was released in the year of 2001. There are 24 episodes in each of the seasons. And this means, there is a total of 48 episodes in the two seasons of the series. The anime television series was directed by Hitoshi Nanba and Katsuyoshi Yatabe. The original run of the series was between the year January 2001- December 2001.

This anime is known to be produced by Free-Will. The theme songs were all performed by Ryoko Aoyagi in this series. The series was also further licensed for North American English which was released by Funimation Entertainment.

About the game Baki the Grappler

The fact that Baki the Grappler even has a video game shows how people are so hyped up about it. People have been obsessed with it too much, and the video game also became an instant hit. There have been quite a few video games that were released based on the series. The fighting game was released by Tomy and was released for PlayStation2. It was released in Japan in the year 2000, and it was released as Fighting Fury in the United Kingdom during the year 2003. For Android users, the game was released as Baki the Grappler: Ultimate Championship, which was released in the year 2017.

Baki the Grappler where to watch

Enough with the suspense about Baki the Grappler where to watch? The series in today’s time can be watched on Netflix itself. If you have a Netflix subscription, then you will have nothing to worry about Baki the Grappler where to watch it. If you do not have Netflix, then you can also watch it on Crunchyroll. This app has a large collection of anime, and you will be able to watch it there easily as well.

These all are subscription-based apps, and people still worry about Baki the Grappler and where to watch it. In that case, one can watch it from the website that goes by the 9anime, as it is there for free.

Baki the Grappler Where to Watch

Conclusive Insights

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