Best Carry-On Luggages for Your Family Vacation

A carry-on suitcase is a must if you fly, as you won’t have access to other luggage during the flight. As a result, carry-on should contain everything you may need while in the air. What is the best carry-on luggage for your needs? To find out, consider mobility, size restrictions, durability and organizational features.

Ease of Mobility

As the name implies, you must carry these bags during your trip. Even light luggage can be cumbersome if the design doesn’t take mobility into account.

Backpacks are an excellent option if you don’t bring heavy items. Double straps distribute weight more evenly than one, reducing the strain on your shoulders. Backpacks also keep your hands free so you can wrangle pets or kids.

If your luggage is heavier, consider a suitcase with wheels and a handle. Wheeled baggage is significantly easier to move and prevents shoulder, neck and back strain. Just keep in mind that navigating a big crowd is a little more difficult when you’re pulling something behind you.

Size and Weight Restrictions

Airlines limit how large your carry-on can be, so it’s essential to consult a luggage size chart when looking for the perfect suitcase. Specifics vary by airline, but the following dimensions are acceptable in most cases:

  • Under 40 pounds
  • Less than 22 inches long
  • Less than 14 inches wide

If your baggage exceeds these measurements, you may have to check it, defeating the purpose of a carry-on.


A good carry-on bag should last at least a decade, though it may serve even longer with regular maintenance. While high-quality luggage usually means a bigger price tag, it pays off in the long run, as you don’t have to repeatedly replace worn-out or damaged suitcases.

Hard-shell luggage is an excellent option if you prize durability above all else. These suitcases have a rigid outer case that protects contents from rough handling and even water damage. If you travel with a laptop or other delicate electronics, this is a great choice. The only downside is that hard-shelled suitcases take up more space than their soft counterparts.

If you want luggage made of soft material, consider canvas bags. Canvas is highly durable while remaining flexible, allowing you to fit your carry-on into smaller spaces.

Organization and Design

Fitting everything into your carry-on bag is only half the battle — you must also be able to find items when you need them. As a result, the organizational layout of your suitcase is crucial.

Most bags have multiple inner pockets, allowing you to keep small items from floating around. You should also check for pockets with zippers for your passport, medications and other sensitive belongings. Some suitcases even come with separate, smaller bags to keep related items together. These are also helpful when you fly, as you can easily put them in the security trays rather than dumping out the entire contents of your bag.

There are so many men’s and womens travel bags on the market that you’re sure to find a design that checks every box on your list. With your favorite carry-on luggage by your side, you can fulfill your greatest travel dreams.

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