Billy Unger Wife: Early Life, Net Worth, Children & Much More!

Do you need a special introduction to this special star? Everyone knows this superb American superstar for the immense acting skills he showed in Lab Rats! But not just him; people are even eager to know about Billy Unger wife!

Billy Unger’s wife came into the limelight and the most-talked-about celebrity wife after she tied wedding knots with this superstar. And if you too are eager, and want to know more about Billy Unger, look no further than this blog! Today, I’m going to take you through Billy Unger and his wife’s life! So, what are you waiting for? Let’s take a dive right in to find out more!

Who Is Billy Unger Wife?

Angela Moreno is Billy Unger’s wife, and she came into the limelight not only because of her famous husband but also her own talent.

Angela is known for her good looks and her immense skills in modeling! Moreno has very well contributed and gained fame in this area as well!

Angela Moreno is born in the year 1996 in California! And she happened to be a Pisces and was born on February 16. Currently, Angela is 25 years of age!

billy unger wife

When Did Billy Unger & Angela Moreno Start Dating?

Since everyone is very much interested in their love life and are eagerly waiting to know more about their love life, how could we refrain from talking about this!

The couple started dating each other in 2010. However, some websites say that the couple has been love-tied since 2009. But we would just want to say that the couple has been together for a really long time.

Finally, after dating each other for quite some time, the couple tied the wedding knots in the city of love. Any guesses? Well, by you must have already imagined the Eiffel Tower!

However, we must not refrain from saying that the couple is extremely private about their personal life and does not like to disclose much to the media.

billy unger wife

Is Billy Unger & Angela Moreno Parents?

Well, to break it to a fan like you, yes! The couple has two children! The first child was born even before Billy and Angela got married.

Angela gave birth to the first child in 2012. And it was a boy! To your surprise, Billy was just 17 when the talented actor became a father. And that child brought the couple closer, and they decided to tie the knot together!

Over and again, it is seen that Billy Unger is a great father. And he indeed enjoys his fatherhood very much! So much so that Angela took to her social media handle and spoke about the delightfulness she faces seeing that Billy loves his children and is a wonderful father!

Just after the couple got married, they gave birth to their second child in 2018! And that too was a son! So, the couple is blessed with two sons, and they seem to be too much in love with each other as well.

Billy Unger and Angela Moreno’s older son is called Devin Unger, and the younger one is called River Unger!

Who is William Brent?

Another query that we often see that comes up when we talk about Billy Unger is William Brent! Well, to break the ice and put the straight thing across, William Brent is Billy Unger itself! William is Billy’s name that was given to him by his parents! So, there is no way that you must confuse yourself with this name! Want to know more about your favorite star? Well, we won’t disappoint you here either!

Billy Unger is a 1995 year born, so currently, he is 27 years of age! Unger’s birthplace is in the United States, Florida, where the couple is currently residing.

Billy was not the single child to his parents, William and Karley! He was brought with two siblings – Erin and Eric Unger! So, you can say that just Billy’s children, Billy was also brought up among siblings who were guys!.

And that’s exactly where we can conclude from where Billy gets his fatherly nature!

Billy Unger Net Worth

Now that we’ve spoken so much about Billy Unger, why should we refrain ourselves from talking about the couple’s net worth!

Billy Unger’s net worth as of 2022 is $400 thousand! However, we assume that the struggle the American actor has been doing in the Hollywood industry, he is sure to earn a lot of fortune in the upcoming years!

Billy Unger Wife Net Worth

As we have already discussed, the star is not the sole person working! They are a couple who work together, and of course, Angela is no less famous.

However, Angela Moreno’s net worth has not been clearly disclosed anywhere as of now. But we assume that it would be quite close to around $65 thousand approximately, which an average actor in California earns.

Final Thoughts

As we come to the end of our blog today, we hope that you know quite a lot about Billy Unger’s wife – Angela Moreno, their love life, and children. The couple has prospered quite well in their respective fields and is having a great time together. We wish the couple all the best for their future!

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