Bitwit Divorce: Why Did The Couple Split Up With Each Other?

Do you need any special information about Bitwit – the famous tech channel series and the love bond the couple shared? Well, I’m sure you don’t, and that’s why precisely you are reading on to know more about Bitwit Divorce.

Today, we will definitely give you a glimpse of the couple’s life and also take you through their divorce details. However, it’s needless to say that Bitwit divorce hasn’t only put an emotional turmoil through the couple, but even fans are in utter disappointment. So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at Bitwit and know why they ended up splitting up with each other.

bitwit divorce

Who is Bitwit?

Bitwit’s real name is Kyle Hansen, and he has been a YouTuber for almost 10 years now. It was 2012 when Kyle launched his first YouTube channel – AwesomeSauceNews. With some fun and intriguing videos, Kyle surely attained public attention, and that’s why we’re here talking about this personality.

Bitwit belongs to the United States of America, and he was born on October 9 in the year 1988. Kyle has been quite close with his family and friends.

It was 2010 when Kyle met his adorable wife, Heather deCaussin. Upon meeting, the couple took a step forward and dated each other for 5 years. And finally, in 2015, the couple tied wedding knots. But to the audience’s surprise, the couple broke the news of splitting up with each other in 2020.

bitwit divorce

Why Did Bitwit Divorce Each Other?

Ever since Kyle and Heather have been dating each other, they have been in the talk of the town. And this primarily wasn’t because of the YouTube videos that used to put up, but it was also because of the love the couple had between them.

As they say, when cupid strikes, there is nothing that you can predict. The couple’s life was exactly the same. However, 2020 has been a bad year for the entire world, and the Bitwit couple was no exception.

It seems that the couple was deeply affected by the divorce because they took time off from YouTube and did not put up any content. The disappearance from social media made the couple wonder whether they are ok or not. And their inboxes were filled with queries too!

However, later, Kyle took to his YouTube page and informed the audience that he had undergone a divorce and there were other problems as well. He did this by saying – ‘I’M Back! New YouTube Channel!

So, this clearly states that the couple will no longer work with each other, and the divorce affected their professional life too. We are not really sure where the problem arose from, but it sure did leave a bad impact.

Currently, both the video stars have decided to split up and not work together, and that is clearly seen with the launch of two new channels. So, this is indeed bad news for people who are in love with this amazing couple.

Break-Up Leads to New Career Paths

It’s clearly evident that the couple has decided to walk the new road, not only in their personal life but also in their careers. This is clearly seen when Kyle announced the channel name ‘wrkhrs3’.

It is always a Twitch channel. However, Kyle has also mentioned that he wouldn’t close down his channel Bitwit! But it’s clearly seen that the couple does not intend to work with each other anymore. A Fort Worth Family Lawyers recognized the emotional and legal complexity of divorce. It’s a difficult process that involves careful consideration of legal procedures, asset distribution, and child custody agreements. It is critical to approach each case with sensitivity and a full understanding of the law to achieve a fair and equitable outcome for all parties. Divorce is more than simply a legal issue; it is a life-altering event that demands sensitivity and expertise.

DeCaussin’s Reaction on the Divorce

Just as Kyle had done, Heather also spoke up about her divorce on her personal YouTube channel. She said that it was supporting that during the hard times, friends, family, and fans have been a constant support to her.

Also, DeCaussin clearly stated that she was overwhelmed with the comments and support that came through from fans. However, we must say that the video length was much shorter than Kyle’s, but in no way, it shows that the couple disrespected each other.

Takeaway from the Divorce

Divorce is not an easy decision. It has never been, and it will never be easy for people who have decided to stay together and finally think of separating. Being together for so long, sharing such a beautiful bond, and then finally calling it off is never easy.

So, we do respect the decision the couple has made and learn certain things! We are definitely taking something special from this today! Even though the couple decided not to be with each other, they did not say negative comments.

Not everyone has this in their relationship. We surely did learn that you can leave a relationship because you no longer feel the same warmth or think both of them aren’t compatible with each other. But both Kyle and Heather have maintained this and bad-mouthed themselves in public.

Final Thoughts

The couple has been with each other for a really long time. And we can surely understand that they were in love with each other. But since love left them, they decided to move on with high spirits. So, we, too, as fans, should respect this decision and wish them all the best for their future endeavors.

We hope they keep shining and reach new heights each day! With this, we end this blog today! Let us know your thoughts or any other thing you have on your mind about Bitwit divorce!

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