Catherine Reitman Lips: Why Are Netizens Going Crazy?

Plastic surgery is a phenomenon that is not that much of a taboo nowadays. Everyone gets plastic surgery. The most common of them is lip fillers. Lip fillers plump up your lips and make them look pouty. Lip fillers can be of two types; permanent and temporary. Both of them alter your lip to look a certain way. However, everyone is getting them nowadays. And lip fillers can go extremely good or extremely bad. Your lip might end up looking too good to be true, or you could look like you came out of a horror movie. Remember the time when Kylie Jenner came out with the pouty lip filler lips, and everyone wanted to do them? Well, everyone’s filler does not turn out like that.

Under the scrutiny of the paparazzi is one person; Catherine Reitman. She is not known for her work but for the everlasting mystery surrounding Catherine Reitman Lips. Are her lips naturally like that? Or was it just a bad lip job? Tune in to find out more!

Catherine Reitman Lips

Who is Catherine Reitman?

So, who is this Catherine Reitman? It feels as though we have narrowed down a person to her lips. However, she is way, way more than that. She is an independent, strong working woman. She is a person of Canadian American nationality and has contributed immensely to the industry as an actor, producer, and director. Moreover, she has made a very successful comedy show under CBC called Workin Moms. So, you might wonder, how does a successful woman end up like this? Why do we not talk about her achievements but focus on her body parts and her flaws and criticize them?

Not only is she an accomplished woman, but we can also trace her roots back to Los Angeles, California, where she was born. She was born to no ordinary family.  Her father is the world-renowned director, Ivan Reitman. Ivan Reitman is a director whose films are very mainstream and loved by everyone. A lot of people have watched Ghostbusters and No Strings Attached. These are Hollywood blockbusters. And compared to her father, Catherine is no less. Her show, Workin Moms, is a pretty well-loved show and has received good critical reviews from people.

Other Reitman Siblings

If you thought that Catherine was the only one of the Reitman offspring, you are mistaken. Ivan Reitman is a legendary director who has left a mark on the world. His other children include Caroline Reitman and Jason Reitman. Jason Reitman might ring a bell to art house movie lovers. He has directed critically acclaimed coming-of-age movies like Juno, Young Adult, and Thank You For Smoking.

So, you might think that with all the talent in her household, Catherine would be known for her talent too. But that is where we are wrong. The focus on her lips has outshined everything, and it is sad to see a talented person not recognized for her talent.

Anyways, we will now look at the reason for her fame; her lips. Why are her lips famous? What is so unique about them? And how does she deal with the constant mockery? If these questions have plagued you, you will get the answer soon enough.

What’s Unique Catherine Reitman Lips?

Throughout the entirety of her show, Workin Moms, Catherine Reitman has been bullied because of her lips. Every time the show aired, the focus was on her lips more than it was on the plot. It was so bad that everyone was watching the show to make fun of her lips. She was the main character as well as the creator of the show. Instead of getting critical reviews about the show, she was getting critical reviews about her lips. People went as far as to cyberbully her. She was targeted by paparazzi and netizens too much to count.

Not even that, people took to social media like Instagram and Twitter to bully her and make mean comments about her lips. People said her lips were too distracting. Some people even went as far as to call them creepy. However, there are some of her fans who defend her from this unjust bullying. They believe that everyone is unique in their own way, and Reitman’s features are unique to her alone.

Many people have tried to find out what went wrong with her upper lip. The most common speculation is a botched lip job. Some people believe she was a victim of bad plastic surgery, and later surgeries could not get her lips fixed. Other people think that this is natural; she was born with it, and she rocks it as it is.

Catherine Reitman Lips

How does she deal with the mockery?

As we said before, her unique lips, especially her upper lip, have been a topic for mockery. She has been mocked by people and bullied a lot for something which is not in her hands. However, she deals with this in the smartest way possible. She herself had made fun of her lips on her show Workin Mom’s. But she draws a line when it comes to other people making fun of her for being who she is. This shows how smartly she handles criticism. Moreover, this also goes to show that criticism never stopped her from being in front of the media. She proudly shows herself in front of the entire world, as she should.

Catherine Reitman Lips

Conclusive Insights

So, we have come to the end of this blog. I hope that you see this blog as more informative than criticizing Catherine Reitman. We try to look at the actual facts and not how the media presents them. However, the mystery surrounding her lips will keep on being an interesting one for a long time to come!


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