Costumes and Cocktails: Halloween Bar Crawl

The fall season is filled with opportunities to indulge in your favorite cold-weather activities. From filling up a mug with a pumpkin spice latte to gathering with your friends around a fire pit, there are many ways to enjoy the changing seasons. Once Halloween is just around the corner, you’ll also be planning how to spend the spookiest night of the year. Going on a themed bar crawl beats doing another boring house party, and you can use these ideas to jumpstart your plans.

Invite Your Most Daring Friends

You can absolutely go on a bar crawl solo, and being with a group is one of the safer ways to spend Halloween alone. But you’ll also have tons of fun if you bring along a few of your favorite friends and family members. Just make sure that anyone you invite is up for a night filled with fall revelry.

Dress the Part for a Night Full of Fun

Some of the hottest costumes this year are based on pop culture, and you can start perusing style guides now to choose your favorite outfit. If you’re going with a group, then you might want to synchronize your costumes. You could base it on a single movie or video game or go with a general theme, such as dressing up as superheroes. Whatever you do, keep in mind that you’ll want to wear comfy shoes and keep your eyes free to see your way from one bar to the next.

Get In the Halloween Spirit

Doing a little pre-gaming helps prep your crew for a night filled with cocktails with names like Witch’s Brew and Zombie Martini. Try to gather with your bar crawl mates a few hours before the event begins. You could host a small house party with appetizers that fit the theme and throw on a scary movie while you all get excited about dancing the night away. Or, you could stop in one of the many restaurants that line the streets of your bar crawl venue.

Gain Full Access to the Top Bars

Going on a bar crawl in a major city makes getting into some of the more exclusive clubs easier. Once you’ve registered for your Halloween bar crawl and received your wristband, you’ll receive access to all of the bars on your digital list. Your entry fee will be waived, and you’ll get discounts on drinks and food. Seeing your favorite DJ or mingling with the crowd at a hard-to-get-into bar makes the night extra special.

Sample Spooky Cocktails and Brews

No one will bat an eye if you choose a mocktail during your bar crawl adventure, but you might also want to be a bit more daring and try out some special drinks that you can’t get any other time of the year. 

Bars and venues on the Halloween bar crawl list of Bar Crawl Live often create unique cocktails that embrace the spirit of the occasion. Whether you go for a craft pumpkin beer or down a ghostly shot is up to you, but you’ll find it extra fun to have a few drinks outside of your normal favorites.

Capture Spine-Tingling Memories

While you’ll want to leave your worries at home, you might want to pack a portable charger for your phone. With the backdrop of the bar’s spooky decor, you’ll want to take some photos and videos of you and your friends enjoying your new favorite haunt. 

In fact, making sure that your bar crawl planner also includes photographers and videographers as part of the package means that you’ll also have some professional photos to choose from when the night is all done.

Once you’ve done a Halloween bar crawl, your crew will never settle for another boring night of watching scary movies again. As you relive your memories from an amazing night, take a moment to plant the seeds for doing it again. 

If your crew had fun dressing up and sampling the city’s best bars, then check out other themed crawls. From celebrating the winter holidays in ugly sweaters to dressing up like cowboys and cowgirls, you can find bar crawls encouraging you to tap into your wild side any time of the year.


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