Desperate for Answers: Searching for a Loved One

No one wants to experience the waking nightmare of having a loved one go missing, but it can happen to anyone. Missing persons cases often get resolved within the first 24 hours. When that timeline gets extended and there is no real evidence to move the case forward, family members struggle with feelings of despair and hopelessness. If you’re searching for a loved one and desperate for answers, missing persons psychic readings may provide valuable insight into the case.

Missing Persons Psychic Readings Can Help

Missing persons psychic readings can help you discover new information that may lead either you or law enforcement to the location of your lost loved one. Psychics who specialize in missing persons have spent many years honing their intuitive abilities so that they can help in times of crisis. These psychics generally utilize a combination of intuitive powers to see, hear, and feel things beyond what everyday people can sense. Your psychic might use any of these abilities to help you: 

  • Clairvoyance – psychic sight 
  • Clairaudience – psychic hearing
  • Clairsentience – psychic sensation/feeling
  • Claircognizance – psychic knowledge

Cooperation Between Law Enforcement & Psychics

If you’re concerned about how a psychic reading might interact or interrupt police investigations, then you will be relieved to find out that law enforcement officers often cooperate with psychics on their cases. Detectives can only use the evidence that’s available to them to help solve the case, but if your loved one disappeared without a trace, law enforcement might hit a dead end before finding your person.

Psychics can receive messages from Spirit, and they can access a higher energy field that connects all beings. Using these abilities, remote viewing psychic readings may be able to reveal critical information that aids in discovering the location of a mission person or object. When law enforcement receives compelling tips, even from psychics, it can change the tide of the search and lead to a resolution.

How To Prepare for Your Psychic Reading

During a time of intense turmoil and desperation, it can be difficult to enter the space of a psychic reading, so here’s what you need to do to prepare yourself. First, take some time to create distance between yourself and your worst fears. It’s vital that you go into your psychic reading with a clear mind and a calm spirit, to whatever extent that is possible.

Sit somewhere quiet and write down as much information about the case as you can, including information about your missing loved one, such as: 

  • Full name and appearance
  • Age and identifying traits 
  • Relevant relationships, including with you
  • Locations you suspect they may be

Before you start your session, practice deep breathing. For your psychic to get an accurate read on your emotions and tune into universal vibrations for answers, they need to start from a baseline. It’s okay to be upset during your reading, but if you can control your breathing and speak clearly and slowly, it will help your psychic start the process of channeling critical information from Spirit.

Do you feel that your higher self is trying to teach you lessons from a previous life? If you want to know how your life path might be impacted, look into past life psychic readings for answers.

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