Elevate Your LA Experience: Why Jet Charters in Van Nuys Are Rising

Flying to and from a commercial airport can be frustrating. Besides the long lines to get through security, there are often flight delays and cancellations. In fact, more than 90% of Americans find flying stressful. Flying on a private jet through a small airport, like Van Nuys Airport in Los Angeles, can feel incredibly liberating, though. Here are some reasons why private jet charters in Van Nuys are rising.

No Scheduled Flights

There are no scheduled flights when you go through a non-commercial airport like Van Nuys. That means you can depart and arrive at any time, night or day. There are no connecting flights and no layovers, either. This is useful if you’re traveling on business or if you have an unpredictable flight. It’s also great if you and your partner feel like taking a spontaneous weekend getaway somewhere special.

No scheduled flights also means minimal check-in procedures. This allows you to arrive just a short time before your plane departs (as opposed to two hours before). You’ll also get to leave the airport almost immediately after you land. This reduces not only the stress related to switching planes or worrying about delays but it also reduces travel fatigue.

Finally, there’s the issue of lost baggage, which can happen with commercial flights. When you’re flying on a private jet out of a small airport, like Van Nuys, however, you can have your luggage waiting for you outside the aircraft. Or, you can even pay for your luggage to be delivered to your waiting car.

Less Crowded and Easy to Get to

Los Angeles International Airport is not only removed from many residential neighborhoods, but there is a huge traffic bottleneck factor once you enter the airport’s vicinity. In other words, there are so many scheduled flights and so many people leaving within the same time of each other, just the traffic alone at LAX can easily set you back 20 minutes.

With Van Nuys, though, there is very little traffic because the airport only caters to non-commercial flights. The Van Nuys airport is 20 miles from downtown LA and about 16 miles from Hollywood and Highland. It’s also about 16 miles from Beverly Hills.

The airport is conveniently close to the 405 freeway as well as the 101 and the 170 as well. This makes it easy if you’re coming from different parts of the city. When the freeways get clogged, you can take longer side streets to get there, such as Ventura Boulevard.

Short Trips to Key Destinations

One of the advantages of a Van Nuys private jet charter is that there are quite a few wonderful destinations nearby. You can get to Las Vegas in just 45 minutes, making it a perfect weekend getaway with your partner. Catch a show, gamble, and fly home late Sunday. Cabo San Lucas in Mexico isn’t far away for a beach vacation. 

You can be at a resort on the beach in two and a half hours. If it’s winter and you want to ski for the weekend, take a private jet to Aspen, Colorado. The flight time is just an hour and a half.

You can also travel within California. Don’t feel like getting stuck in Southern California traffic? You can fly from Van Nuys to San Diego, Malibu, Pacific Palisades, or Laguna Hills. Or you can opt for San Francisco and Napa Valley instead. If you drive up from Van Nuys to the Central Californian coast (Monterey, Carmel, or Santa Cruz), it’s roughly a five-hour drive. If you take a private jet, it’s about an hour’s flight.

Small Airport With Luxuries

Even though LAX offers private lounges, Van Nuys airport takes it a notch higher. There are lounges with gourmet catering, showers, and even nap rooms. Travelers will see a 10,000-square-foot glass and steel terminal with private conference facilities. In the waiting area, there’s a coffee bar; in the evenings, it turns into a wine bar.


If you have been thinking about taking a private jet, skip the first-class commercial flights at LAX and consider taking a private jet from Van Nuys Airport. You’ll experience luxury, comfort, and far less stress. A small airport can finally make air travel relaxing.

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