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The world was taken by storm when Måneskin released I Wanna Be Your Slave. Young people all over the world loved the song so much that it became a viral song on social media. If you have heard the song, you must know the band Måneskin. The drummer Ethan Torchio is a well-reputed Italian music composer and drummer of the band.

While we enjoy songs by upcoming bands, we don’t know much about them. And while you might know a few things about the lead vocalists, you probably don’t know much about Ethan Torchio. He is very well-known among fans and is a very talented musician.

If you wish to know more about this man and his talents, keep reading this article we have written for you. Get to know everything about the drummer of one of the most influential bands in the world.

Ethan Torchio

Ethan Torchio age

Ethan was born to his parents in Rome on 8th October 2000. That makes him twenty-two years old in 2022.

Ethan Torchio Physical Appearance

Torchio is a tall man standing at a height of 5’10”. He’s a handsome Italian man who has black eyes and black hair. The drummer has always kept long hair which is considered one of his best features. And he weighs approximately 165 lbs. He is Italian and a lot of his fans swoon over him for his looks.

Ethan Torchio

Ethan Torchio Family

Ethan grew up with his parents and his younger sister Jackie Lola. The names of his parents are unknown. This is probably because he has just recently been discovered globally along with his band. There is still a lot about him that is unknown. He also had a private life which can be another reason why details about his family are a well-kept secret. But, we do have the information that his father is an entrepreneur and his mother is a homemaker.

Ethan Torchio Education

Ethan comes from a native Italian family and grew up in Italy as well. There, he attended Scuola Media Gianicolo and graduated high school from there. According to various sources, he did not attend college. But that did not affect his life much because he soon went on to become a member of a very successful band.

Ethan Torchio Career and About his Band

Like a lot of musicians, Ethan Torchio was passionate about music from a young age. He took it seriously from the beginning. Ethan played the drums since he was in high school and played at high school functions as well. He and his high school friends formed their band Måneskin in 2016 with Ethan as their lead drummer. The band is a predominantly Italian rock band but they do explore other genres. Other members of the band are Damiano David, Victoria De Angelis, and Thomas Raggi.

Before getting global recognition, the band competed in X Factor Italy 2017. They went on to gain the second position in the show. This led to them performing at different shows and competing in various other competitions.

The band got global recognition after they won the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 for Italy. Their song Zitti e buoni secured their win. They released their debut song, Monirrò da re in 2018 and their debit album II ballo della vita in the same year. Since then, the band has never had to look back. They went from a high school band to winning Eurovision and getting invited to Saturday Night Live. Måneskin has also won several awards for their songs, I Wanna Be Your Slave, Begging, Chosen, and Zitti e buoni.

Ethan Torchio Relationships and Sexuality

It is extremely difficult to follow the lives of musicians. They are seen with multiple people every day who might be friends or more. It is really hard to tell who is dating a musician and who isn’t unless they go public. Torchio is not dating anyone right now. He likes to spend his time with his friends (who are also his bandmates).

Ethan has never confirmed that sexuality in public. There are rumors that the drummer might be gay but we can neither confirm nor deny that. Ethan has only said one thing about his sexuality that he is free. He doesn’t want to label his sexuality and is open to anything. Hence, we cannot give you a single term for his sexuality.

Ethan Torchio Net Worth

Ethan is one of those people who have earned hard since a young age. He knew what he wanted to do since high school and made it happen. Now in 2022, he is the lead drummer of a world-famous band. Ethan had goals when he started playing with his friends and now he has achieved them. Ever since Måneskin attained global fame, Ethan has performed at various shows and competitions. This has led to him earning quite the bet worth. As of 2022, Ethan Torchio has a net worth of two and a half million dollars.

Where can you find out more about Ethan Torchio?

While we have done our best to tell you everything about Ethan we probably can’t give you regular updates. But if you are a fan of the musician or are just very interested to know more about him, you can check him out on his Instagram account @ethaneskin. On this account, he posts pictures of himself, pictures with friends, and various things he’s interested in. As of 2022, Ethan has two million followers on the platform. You can also find out more about him and his band on the band’s website.

Ethan Torchio

Conclusive Insights

This is where we will conclude our article on Ethan Torchio. He is a world-famous drummer and composer who has attained considerable fame in the few years he’s been performing. The man has been working towards his goals since high school and it looks like he’s only going to get better. What did you think of this musician and drummer? Tell us about your views in the comments below.




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