Graham Swift Sarah Beeny Net Worth & Everything You Need To Know!

Graham Swift Sarah Beeny net worth is often talked-about together because of their immense entrepreneurship skills and love for each other. The couple has been in love with each other for quite some time now and has indeed turned out to be one of the couples that people look upto and say ‘couple goals.’

But if you are new and have no idea about Sarah Beeny or Graham Swift, look no further than the segment below! We will give you an overview of the couple’s life their professional and personal life glimpses. Let’s take a look right away!

graham swift sarah beeny net worth

Sarah Beeny & Graham Swift Early Life

Unlike Sarah Beeny, we hardly know anything about Graham Swift. Even though the personality belongs to the entertainment industry, he can very well keep his personal life and details private. We are not aware of his date of birth, age, place of birth, or any other information. However, to all Sarah Beeny lovers, we do have some news for you!

Sarah Beeny was born in 1972 on January 9. Sarah’s parents are Ann Benny and Richard Benny! It is said that Sarah completed her schooling at Luckley-Oakfield School and finally completed her college life at Queen Mary’s College.

Sara and Graham were young when they started dating each other. It is said that Sarah was only 18 years of age when she knew Graham! So, it’s clearly shown that the couple has been dating each other from an extremely young age.

But the depth of love in the couple is immense, and that clearly shows with their bond, which certainly is very strong.

graham swift sarah beeny net worth

Children Details

As we have already spoken about this, the couple shares a very strong bond and have been dating each other from a very young age. The couple currently shares four boys. Yes, four, namely, Billy, Charlie, Raffy, and Laurie. The ages of each of the kids are 17, 15, 13, and 12, respectively.

The children, along with their parents, stay in the countryside of London. And there is no doubt that the couple shares a fantastic bond with the kids.

Sarah Beeny & Graham Swift Career

Sarah Beeny and Graham Swift are both television personalities and are related to the media business. And apart from that, Sarah Beeny and Graham both share a business too! They are real estate experts, which is the massive contribution that adds to Graham Swift Sarah Beeny’s Net Worth.

Sarah Beeny has been in the real estate business from a relatively young age. And her business is not something that she started off along. Sarah and her brother, Diccon Beeny, have been working together in the Property Development and Investment businesses.

And this really did well, and later on, Graham joined the business as a partner. Sarah was only 19 when she thought of starting off her business.

Currently, the couple shares the screen on the famous television show ‘New Life In The Country. The couple also owns a massive 32-bedroomed Rise Hall, which is located in Yorkshire’s East Riding. However, the possession no longer belongs to them as they have sold it off at a whopping 1.4 million pounds.

So, you must be really excited to find out more about the couple’s net worth! So, now that we’ve given you a glimpse let’s take a look at the net worth and a few more things in the next segment.

graham swift sarah beeny net worth

Graham Swift Sarah Beeny Net Worth

Sarah and Graham both have been together for a really long time, and thus, the couple has become one of the most talked-about personalities. And this is not only for the love that the couple share but also the fortune they have earned.

With the level of determination and hard work, the couple has surely reached a position where they have a net worth of around 7 million pounds together.

However, Sarah Beeny’s net worth was estimated to be around 3 million pounds. According to certain resources, it is estimated that the couple is the owner of more than 11 houses. Each of these houses is located around London.

Currently, the couple is living in the countryside in a place called Somersby. Also, we have learned that the couple not only earns from their business and television shows. They have rented out their properties which fetches them quite a handsome amount of money each month.

The takeaway from Graham Swift & Sarah Beeny

A couple with such caliber, fame, and fortune is indeed someone who needs to be talked about and taken lessons from. So, today before we conclude our blog, let’s talk about Graham Swift and Sarah Beeny’s lessons and ideologies.

Here are some of the takeaways that we adore:

1. It’s never too early or too late

Indeed, it is seen that the couple has spent over a decade in the relationship and hasn’t gotten bored of each other. They share a beautiful bond that we surely look up to. Alongside, they teach us that you can begin your career really early and become successful in life.

2. Explore all options

The couple is into two or more professions, and they are indeed successful. So, it clearly states that the couple has explored options and seen what suits them best. Indeed, there may be many more career options that the couple must have tried that we are not really aware of for the time being.

Final Thoughts

As we come to the end of our blog today, we hope you have a lot to take back home today! All we would want to conclude by saying is that Graham and Sarah aren’t perfect, but they sure are made for each other. They have worked hard to create the empire they are enjoying now. We hope they reach new heights and become more successful in the future.

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