How Can Data Analytics Improve Horse Racing Results?

Horse racing is a sport that has constantly evolved throughout time, as it has embraced the wide range of technological advancements that have been made. 

That has been evident with the growing emphasis on data in the sport over the previous ten years, with bettors and trainers all looking at the latest data before deciding whether to bet or run a horse in a specific race. The addition of precise horse betting payout calculator technology was an example of how data increased the accuracy of predictions.

But, how have data analytics continued to improve the sport of horse racing, especially when it comes to assessing the results of races?

What Kind Of Data Is Used In Horse Racing?

There is a lot of weight put on data in horse racing, as it is an excellent tool to help handicap races. That includes looking at split times to assess the periods of the race where certain horses excel, and this could help trainers as they can then help horses to maximize their ability in certain stages. 

Another way in which data is used is by examining further pieces of raw data, such as the odds. The odds are more important in horse racing than in many other sports, as there can often be a big difference depending on the sportsbook that you are making wagers on.  BetMGM Louisiana typically offers good odds on horse races.

Simple Data To Examine

When you first examine a racecard, you will quickly become aware of the amount of numbers that a bettor must digest. That includes the speed figures of each runner in a race, which is integral reading before making a wager. Theoretically, the horses with higher speed figures should stand the best chance of claiming victory, but bettors will need to examine a number of factors that could have played a role in a high speed figure. 

That includes looking at the course where the rating was achieved, as well as the distance that the race was run over, and the running styles that other runners in the field adopted. In truth, few other sports have such a big emphasis on the numbers behind a competitor, as bettors will also need to be aware of the strike-rates of both the trainer and jockey before making a wager on their selection. 

Trainers and jockeys in good form will always stand a better chance of claiming victory again, while those with low strike rates may be dealing with a temporary loss of form, or something may be amiss in the yard.

Finding Horse Racing Data

It is fairly easy to find data when it comes to popular North American sports such as basketball, baseball and ice hockey. However, the same can’t be said for bettors when it comes to horse racing. The preparation can often be extremely time consuming, while gaining access to the best data can also prove to be costly, with many of the leading data analytic sites for the sport often requiring a monthly fee in order to access the information.

One of the leading data sites when it comes to horse racing is Equibase, as this website gives all the relevant data that bettors will be looking for in the United States, which includes data surrounding very track in the country, as well as the latest speed ratings for every runner in training. 

However, like many other data sites for horse racing, customers will need to pay a fee monthly in order to access the information. Of course, given the outstanding level of detail available, this could be an excellent investment, as you will see the standard of your bets for the American horse racing increase, as you will be able to make more knowledgeable bets, and therefore stand a better chance of gaining returns on your wagers. 

How Important Is Data In Horse Racing?

There really isn’t much of an argument when it comes to the importance of data in horse racing. Data is key for every person connected to the sport, whether you’re training the runners, or making wagers on the latest action throughout the season. It is the best way to discover the running styles of all runners involved, which will then give the bettor a better understanding of how a race could shape out.

Understanding the importance of this information is key before making any wager on racing in the United States, as it will help handicappers to establish the horses that will boast the early speed, while also helping to understand the runners that could be best suited to close out the action in the final stages. Data is unbelievably important in horse racing, and with the growing modes of technology that are becoming available, this only looks set to continue. 

Most of the work in finding winners in the most important races throughout the season is going through the data available, and only after seeing all the relevant information can bettors make more informed wagers on the action. 

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