How to find your polyamorous love online and make it work?

If there’s one thing that can be stated with confidence about modern relationships, it’s that they’ve never been more inclusive. Not so long ago, get-togethers that might have been considered ‘non-mainstream,’ such as swinging, or polyamory, were regarded with some suspicion. To many singles, uncommon activities were often looked upon as taboo topics. But the advent of digital dating has ensured a much more open climate prevails. Not so long ago, dating sites tended to cater to a relatively narrow form of matchmaking – boy meets girl, boy meets boy. Nowadays, anything goes. Provided the participants are fully consenting adults, there is room for people wishing to connect with multiple partners. In the digital environment, polyamory doesn’t just work – it’s positively thriving. Boys and girls are meeting boys and girls and having immense fun!

Where to find polyamorous partners

Before going much further, it might be worthwhile establishing exactly what is under discussion. Polyamory is the polar opposite of monogamy, the much more widely accepted form of partnership in the developed world. Polyamory involves individuals having more than one partner. The difference between single guys and females choosing to have a series of love affairs is that these multiple partners occur at the same time. The most crucial aspect of polyamorous agreements is that everything is 100% consensual – all the parties involved are in full agreement. By far the best place to come across people who might be willing to embark on polyamory is to check a couples hookup site. As stated, digital dating comes in a variety of shapes and sizes these days, and polyamorous outlets are now openly discussed. The people who sign up for these poly dating services do so because they know they will come across a cross-section of people sharing their tastes. Everyone they’re likely to encounter in the profile pages or chatroom facilities will be on the same wavelength. This is particularly handy for anyone interested in poly romance as they may well have tried to establish connections in the real world where it is far more difficult to broach what is still quite a sensitive subject. By relying on poly dating outlets, they are guaranteed a captive audience.

Connecting with like-minded site users

One of the key attributes of digital matchmaking is the way the most compatible people can be sourced by anyone joining the website or app. Algorithms will steer newcomers towards existing site users who have professed a strong interest in polyamory. Within this broad heading, all sorts of subheadings can be relied on. When it comes to seeking partners, singles can tailor their searches using the traditional methods employed by any dating site. They might profess a particular ethnic background or age range of the people they’re interested in meeting. It would also be worth fine-tuning conversational skills. Why not consider icebreakers to use when you are reaching out? Start with general discussions to lighten the mood. You might wish to discuss your favourite films or stand-up comics to create a relaxed vibe. Introducing Ricky Gervais into the equation would cover both bases, as the English comedian/writer has become renowned for roasting audiences at film awards! Conversationally, anything goes, as long as you subtly steer each other towards the poly meetings you’re interested in engineering at the earliest opportunity.

Do’s and don’ts of poly dating

The key attribute to any successful poly relationship is that everyone is fully on board. After joining a poly circle, the next step should be to arrange lines of communication. Everyone involved can introduce themselves, and ground rules are set. While this degree of formality might seem the antithesis of the spontaneity and passion usually involved in romantic partnerships. But it is essential, to avoid problems. Where the don’ts are concerned, your participation in any poly dating is doomed if you can’t accept your main partner has several other loves just like you. Polyamorous get-togethers can centre around a lynchpin who has taken a bunch of partners. On the other hand, they can be far more democratic affairs, where everyone’s desires carry equal weight. But no matter what the dynamic is, nobody should feel excluded at any point.

Finally, another big no-no is allowing feelings of jealousy to intrude. The green-eyed monster is a perfectly natural human emotion, and this may well rear its ugly head within poly dating. It might prove to be difficult to accept that your amorous intentions, no matter how genuine, are just one example of many within the poly partnership. So, context is all-important. At a very early stage in the poly proceedings, you’ll need to come to terms with what you’ve let yourself in for. But once you’ve surrendered your sense of individuality, you can carry on making the most of this contentious, but enriching experience.


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