How to Get the Most Out of Your PS5 in 2023?

Buying a video game console sounds like a challenge especially when you have plenty of options in the market. However, many people prefer to buy Sony’s PlayStation 5 which offers a great video gaming experience. If you have decided to go ahead and buy a PS5, or have already bought one here are 5 tips on how you can get the most out of your gaming console in 2023. 

Set It Right

Knowing how you want to keep your gaming console is the most important aspect. Hence, once you get the PlayStation 5 out of the box you need to decide if you want to set it standing straight or lay it horizontally. This can make a huge difference when you use it to play daily. Also, if you have the disc version you want to lay it horizontally the right way ensuring that the disc slot goes to the bottom. 

Play Astro’s Playroom

Even before you decide what games you want to play on your new PlayStation 5 you want to get your hands on the pre-installed Astro’s Playroom. This game is a good way to get yourself accustomed to the gaming console and the controllers as well. With this, you can know how the haptic feedback works on the controller and understand other features in a better way before you graduate to bigger games. While Astro’s Playroom did have certain technical faults, Sony has already provided an update for better stability and performance.

Use Auto Login 

This one only applies if you are the only person using the PlayStation 5 and want to save a few seconds whenever you turn on the console. In the Users and Accounts section, you can look for Login Settings and enable Log In to PS5 Automatically option. This allows you to sign in automatically to whatever account you are logged into when you apply and enable the setting. If you have multiple accounts and you want to set this for a particular account you want to apply this setting using the right account. 

Turn Off the Screenshot Notification

When you are playing your favorite game you likely want to take a screenshot of some of the best moments of the game. However, the screenshot notification can ruin your overall experience and therefore you want to ensure that you turn off the notification so that you can continue playing your game. For this, you can head to the Captures menu and turn off Display Save Confirmation for Screenshots option. 

Get the Right Games

One of the reasons to buy a PlayStation 5 is that you can get plenty of game titles to play. Hence, you can start downloading some of the free ones initially that can offer you some playtime. However, eventually, you would want to look for some of the best games that you can play on PS5. This would allow you to make the most of the time you have and use your PS5 to keep you entertained and engaged for many hours. 

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