How To Maximize Your Profits with the Hangar Business in GTA Online

GTA Online offers a plethora of business opportunities for players to earn millions, and the Hangar Business, especially for those with GTA accounts, has emerged as a surprisingly profitable venture. Post the San Andreas Mercenaries DLC update, Hangars have received significant buffs, making them a lucrative option for income generation. This guide will help you navigate the Hangar business efficiently.

Getting Started with Your Hangar Business

First and foremost, purchase a Hangar. This is essential for any GTA Online player, as it’s the only way to store aircraft.

Hangars are available at two locations: Los Santos International Airport (LSIA) and Fort Zancudo. While LSIA offers more affordable options, Fort Zancudo grants base entry, which might appeal to players with advanced GTA accounts. Prices range from $1,200,000 for the LSIA Hangar A17 to $3,250,000 for the most expensive Fort Zancudo Hangar A2.

While most upgrades are cosmetic, two are particularly beneficial:

  • Living Quarters ($235,000): Allows you to spawn at your Hangar.
  • Workshop ($1,150,000): Enables aircraft upgrades, a useful feature for air missions during product sourcing.

Sourcing Products for Sale

Once you’ve secured a Hangar, begin your smuggling business by sourcing products to sell. This is done through the laptop in your Hangar office. You can source eight different product types, each selling for $30,000 per crate. However, different product types offer varying bonus percentages for multiple crates.

For example, 3 Counterfeit Goods crates sell for $90,000, while 5 can fetch $150,000, plus a 5% bonus, totaling $157,500. This bonus increases with every five crates, up to a maximum of 50 crates per product type. A spreadsheet detailing all bonus percentages is invaluable, particularly noting that Ron takes a 2.5% cut of the total sale amount.

Medical, Chemicals, and Narcotics products are particularly profitable, offering a 70% bonus when you reach 50 crates. Even with just 25 crates, these products provide a substantial 35% bonus, making them excellent choices for players, especially those with GTA accounts looking to optimize their time and profits.

Optimal Strategies for Sourcing and Selling

In GTA Online, efficiently running a Hangar business involves making strategic choices between air and land missions, managing cooldowns, and understanding the best ways to sell your sourced products. This guide is particularly useful for players with GTA accounts seeking to maximize their earnings.

Choosing Between Air or Land Sourcing Missions

When beginning a sourcing mission, you have the option to choose between air and land missions. For solo players, land missions are generally recommended due to their ease and time efficiency. These missions can take anywhere from 3 to 10 minutes, depending on your vehicle’s speed. Fast vehicles like your organization’s Buzzard or the Oppressor Mark II are great choices, with the Raiju jet being an excellent alternative for land sourcing.

Cooldowns in Sourcing

Post-mission cooldowns are a crucial aspect of the Hangar business. Each crate type has a base cooldown time, which increases by one minute for each crate sourced. The cooldown durations vary for solo players and those playing cooperatively. When playing with friends, the number of crates you can source increases, which consequently adds to the cooldown time after the mission.

For instance, with three players including yourself, you can source three crates in a mission, which would add three additional minutes to the base cooldown. As a solo player, your cooldown is shorter, but you can only source one crate at a time.

Rooster: A New But Limited Option

The San Andreas Mercenaries DLC update introduced Rooster, who can source crates for you at a cost of $25,000. However, using Rooster’s services may not be the most profitable option since you can’t specify the crate types, potentially disrupting your bonus structure. While convenient, sourcing through Rooster may not be ideal for players focused on maximizing bonuses and profits, especially those with GTA accounts looking to optimize every aspect of their business.

Selling Your Sourced Products

After sourcing your products, it’s time to sell and make profits. Access the laptop in your Hangar office and choose the ‘Sell’ option. When selling, you can choose between land or air. Land sales are simpler, as they involve only one vehicle regardless of the number of crates. However, air sales might require multiple vehicles, depending on your organization’s size.

Maximizing Profits

Selling 50 crates of Medical Supplies, Chemicals, or Narcotics can earn you GTA money up to $2,550,000 as a solo player, including a 70% bonus. Although sourcing 50 crates might take between 5 to 7 hours, the payoff is significant, especially if you’re using efficient vehicles like the Raiju or Oppressor Mark II.

In summary, the Hangar business in GTA Online offers a profitable venture for players, particularly those with GTA accounts aiming for high earnings. By choosing the right sourcing missions, managing cooldowns effectively, and selling strategically, you can significantly boost your income in the game. So, gear up, plan your missions, and get ready to rake in substantial profits from your Hangar business.

GTA Online with the High Demand Bonus

In GTA Online, Hangar business operators can significantly boost their GTA money earnings by leveraging the High Demand Bonus in full public lobbies. This strategy, while risky, especially for those with GTA accounts aiming for higher profits, can lead to extraordinary payouts.

Utilizing the High Demand Bonus

When selling crates in a full public lobby, you’re eligible for an additional 50% High Demand Bonus. For example, selling 50 crates of Medical Supplies in such a lobby can yield $3,825,000. The bonus scales with the number of players in the lobby: a 45% bonus with 18 players and a full 50% with 20 or more players.

However, selling in public lobbies is risky. Before committing to a sale, assess the lobby’s environment. If you spot griefers or ongoing player conflicts, consider selling in a more secure session. The time invested in sourcing products could be lost if targeted by a griefer, presenting a high-risk-high-reward scenario. An invite-only session is recommended for a safer selling experience.

Hourly Earnings Estimate

As a solo player focusing on land source and sell missions, using efficient vehicles like the Oppressor Mark II or Raiju jet can yield about 12 crates per hour, equating to a profit of $360,000 (or $540,000 with a High Demand Bonus).

General Mission Tips for Efficient Sourcing

  1. Container Missions: In missions involving a container, destroy it to quickly access the crate inside.
  2. Generator Box Missions: Locate and destroy the generator box outside the building to access garage crates.
  3. Container Pickup: You can pick up containers while inside your vehicle.
  4. Crash Site Missions: Circle the crash site in your vehicle to spot the crate without engaging enemies.
  5. Selling Logistics: As a solo player, you’ll get one vehicle and ten drop-off points, with ample time (20 minutes) to complete the deliveries.
  6. Navigating Underground Drop-Offs: Familiarize yourself with sewer entrances and paths for efficient underground deliveries in Los Santos.

Implementing these tips can streamline your Hangar business operations in GTA Online, particularly for those with GTA accounts who are well-versed in the game’s mechanics. By balancing risk with potential rewards, especially through the High Demand Bonus, you can maximize your earnings and solidify your financial standing in the game.

In conclusion, the Hangar Business in GTA Online can be a significant source of income, especially after the San Andreas Mercenaries DLC update. By strategically choosing your Hangar, upgrading it sensibly, and focusing on profitable products, you can turn this once-overlooked business into a major revenue stream in your GTA Online account. So, get your Hangar set up, start sourcing, and watch as your profits soar.


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