Ideas to get your garden ready for spring

Spring is fast approaching and your garden may be looking a little worse for wear. Overgrown grass, weeds and damaged plants are sights you won’t want, especially if you’re hosting spring garden parties. So, whether you’re one of the 62% of Brits who enjoy gardening or not, you may want ideas to get your garden ready for spring. 

Our guide below has some of the main areas of concern and what you can do to restore them to their former glory. Continue reading to get the ideas you need for a top-notch garden that’s ready for spring.

Keep borders and hedges tidy

Now’s a good time to tidy up your borders and hedges with the use of hedge trimmers. Not only will tidying these up ensure the garden looks its best, but you’ll also find that pruning the hedges is important to stimulate growth. By doing this now, they’ll be looking even healthier by the time spring arrives.

Take care of your lawn grass

Your lawn may be looking a little overgrown, so give it a cut. This will reveal the condition of the grass, so you can plan the next steps of restoration. Spring is a good time to feed, rake and scarify your lawn to get it looking great when it grows back properly. Make sure to keep on top of your lawnmowing leading up to spring to make the job easier in the future.

Banishing weeds and soil preparation

Over the winter, weeds have been enjoying their time in your garden while you’ve been taking a break. As a part of your soil preparation, you should remove as many weeds as you can. Weedkiller is a great way to make them weak before you pull them out by hand, making your life significantly easier.

Add some lights

If you’re having spring garden parties, don’t let the night end when the sun sets. Instead, add lights to your trees, bushes and fences to illuminate your garden space for a good night with friends and family. 

We recommend going for solar lights for your garden as they’ll be self-sufficient, so you won’t have to fork out for batteries and electricity costs.

While this list may be extensive, it will give you plenty of opportunities to get out into your green space, which is known to boost mental health. So, start your gardening clean-up today for a healthier-looking garden and a boosted mood. 

When preparing your garden for spring, consider utilizing temporary fence panels from Viking Rental to protect delicate seedlings and designate separate areas for planting and leisure.

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