Is It Possible to Learn About Online Casinos on YouTube?

Yes, it is possible to learn about online casinos on YouTube. Although sites like do not publish content on the YouTube platform, many affiliate marketers do. 

Affiliate marketers are influencers who demonstrate products online. If their viewers liked the presentation, they could click on a link to the product’s website. If these viewers make a purchase, the affiliate marketer earns money. 

In addition, several content creators publish helpful videos about gambling. While the YouTube community may frown upon it, some creators teeter on the edge of these anti-gambling rules. Today, we will show you the types of content you can watch on YouTube regarding gambling. 

Instructional Videos 

Instructional video content refers to those that teach you how to play a particular game. They serve beginners well. If there is a game you want to try, but need help comprehending the rules, there are many creators on YouTube you can rely on. 

Here are some types of keywords you can type to search: 

  • How to play blackjack
  • How to play roulette
  • How to play baccarat
  • How to play oasis poker

From the results pages, you will find many videos. Some are long, and some are short. You will also later realize that some channels have more authority than others. 

For instructional content, here are some of the biggest channels you can visit or watch: 

  • Blackjack Apprenticeship
  • Casino Rama Resort
  • The Jackpot Gents
  • CEG Dealer School

These channels offer instructional materials, and some recommend books you can read. You will also observe that most channels have a mix of instructional and strategy videos. They need to do this to ensure they maximize their online presence. They want to get as much engagement as they can. 

Strategy Videos

Strategy videos refer to those that teach you techniques on how to win. So far, the best channel is The Wizard of Odds. There are other creators, such as the ones we mentioned earlier.

The Wizard of Odds is one of the best content creators because its founder, Michael Shackleford, uses statistics to support these strategies. In addition, he does not make false promises about his strategy or techniques. 

Before YouTube, Michael was a blogger and an author. His website is also called Wizard of Odds. He is somewhat of a math genius and uses mathematics to identify the best action to take in many gambling games. 

On his channel, he covers the following games: 

  • Blackjack
  • Slot machines
  • New table games
  • Poker variants
  • Craps

On his website, you can read about the following things: 

  • Odds and Strategies
  • Gambling online
  • Game calculators
  • Gambling information

What people love about Michael is that he has what they call AMA or Ask Michael Anything. In the segment, he asks questions from fans, beginners, and naysayers. Then, he answers the questions and backs his answer with facts and statistics. 

Perhaps one of the most controversial things that Michael published was the video called How to Win at Slot Machines. In it, he was interviewed by a group called The Jackpot Gents. He answered many questions about slot machines, which many viewers disagreed on. 

Entertainment Videos

The last type of video content you can find on YouTube is entertainment videos. In the gaming industry, it is not unusual to see gamers play and stream their faces and video game to their viewers. 

The same thing happens to some gamblers on YouTube. They play a game and let the viewers see the action. These things are called entertainment videos. 

Some of the biggest channels are: 

  • Foss
  • Xposed
  • Vegas Gamblers

In these videos, they would play big online. Some even have titles like “Betting $750,000 on BLACKJACK in 20 minutes.”

In most cases, the players stream live dealer games. These videos are much more interesting than playing against computers. 

The purpose of these videos is to entertain. However, you can still learn something from them. For one, the player can make a mistake and lose money. This should teach you that their strategy is flawed.

Some of these videos also introduce you to actions you did not know before. For example, the player can split an eight in blackjack and explain why they did that. Overall, you can learn and get entertained by watching this type of video content. However, do not be lured into believing that the player’s luck is the same as yours. 

YouTube does not disallow all types of gambling content. What it does not allow is the encouragement of it. YouTube even allows advertisements for responsible gambling. As such, many rules revolve around it, and creators must comply with these rules. 

You will certainly find gambling content on the site. The problem is that sometimes, the creators may violate a policy, and YouTube takes out the entire channel. If there is content you love, check out if it is possible to download the video.

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