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If you are a sports fan and love to watch talk shows on it, you might have heard of John Fendley. He is a co-host on the show Soccer AM which talks about mostly football and is very entertaining. In general, John is known as a television presenter from Britain, but he’s so much more than just that. If you watch any of his episodes, you will see how captivating he is on screen. He will keep you interested throughout the whole segment, something that is pretty hard to do. Since 2017, he has been co-hosting the show with Jimmy Bullard, and their dynamic is one of the things that fans enjoy the most. Let us tell you more about John Fendley Wife and more in this blog!

john fendley wife

Who is John Fendley?

Very less is known about John, but we do know that he was born in the year 1967 in Yorkshire, England.

He started his career as one of the producers of Soccer AM. After a decade of working as a producer, he left Soccer AM to work for an internet television channel. However, he couldn’t stay away from Soccer AM much longer and came back to it in 2015, seven after leaving it as a producer. This time, he came on as a presenter on the show, and his first co-host was Helen Chamberlain, who herself had been a presenter on the show for two decades.

To speak of his personal life, John has a special love for jackets, especially vintage jackets. For someone who has to be under the spotlight so much, he had a very simple passion. Simple it might be, but he even collects vintage jackets! How cool is that!

Since he is always reporting football news or talking about football, many fans have wondered if he ever was a player himself. To answer that, John had said that he had played only one match in his whole life but did not win that game. But the experience was phenomenal, and that was quite enough for him. But he is a very proud Liverpool fan.

john fendley wife

John Fendley Wife and Family

If you want to know about John Fendley wife and more, let’s find out more!

John hasn’t revealed much about his family except that he is happily married to his wife Katie, and they have three daughters, Molly, Evie, and Meg. For someone who has constantly been watched and is considered famous, it is understandable why he would want to keep his family life private. He doesn’t talk much about his parents or another family, except that his father passed away when he was pretty young.

John Fendley’s Struggles

We don’t often see celebrities open up about their mental health publicly, but John recently talked about his struggles in 2021. He said that it took him so long to say it out loud as he did not want his daughters to see that party of his life yet.

John was taking cognitive behavioral therapy for like a year when he first spoke about it. According to his interviews, his struggles started at quite a young age. He grew up seeing his parents suffer from their mental health. They were in and out of treatments, and all of it wasn’t very clear to young John. At that time, the stigma around mental health was too strong for his parents to be able to talk about it.

Apparently, John’s father had been to war, and the trauma of that was too much for him. One often hears stories of war veterans suffering from PTSD, and that is what John thinks his father had. He saw his father live a very routine but sad life. Neither does he remember spending any quality time with his father. He remembers his father being humorous, kind, and a good person but not more than that. Seeing his parents argue it was very normal to him. He had to witness his mother struggling to keep them going. She had her own mental health issues but still kept at it. John’s father wasn’t an alcoholic, but his life revolved around his work, going to the pub, and hanging out with his friends.

john fendley wife

He Lost His Father!

He lost his father when he was sixteen when his father committed suicide. But it was so rare to talk about mental health that his family never really talked about his father’s death.

The next few years were very crucial for him as he started suffering a lot mentally, which affected his academics as well. He would cry at sudden times, get triggered by things he could not explain, and have panic attacks. He could not talk to anyone about it due to the times, but he was lucky to have his sister at that time.

John’s sister used to live in Australia and had a business of her own. He visited her for a year in Australia, and she tried her best to make him feel better. She took him out and tried to make him socialize. It did not solve things completely, but it did help.

John says that eventually, he got better at dealing with his emotions and would only sometimes go back to feeling as awful as in his teenage years. He also says that after taking therapy, he’s been doing better, and he wants to help more men come out with their stories and wants to help them in their journey to peace.

John Fendley Net Worth

According to data, John Fendley’s net worth has been estimated at around $12 million.

Final Thoughts

We have come to the end of this blog, but we hope to have given you an idea about this person called John Fendley. He is a man who knows how to entertain and have fun. He is also a man who has fought through his struggles and is now in a much better place. Let us know your views on him and about the blog in the comments below!

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