Learn How to Add Watermark to PDF: Make the Branding Effective and PDF Secure

Do you feel that your important documents should promote your brand? Or have you ever thought about how to protect your important document from others? These are the two essential questions in this digital age. But what is the effective solution that effectively fulfills both requirements? Adding a watermark to your important documents can help you in meeting both these goals. In this article we will tell you how to add a watermark to PDF and make your branding strong. After learning the art of adding a watermark, you will realize how much this semi-transparent image makes an impact on your documents. 

What is a Watermark and Why is it Important? 

Watermarks are generally a semi-transparent text or image. If you add a watermark to a PDF, it enhances the branding and also helps in securing document security. It is crucial to promote your brand identity on important documents. Also, it carries an important weight in securing your intellectual property. Watermarks allow you to keep your documents confidential. It becomes important when you are using it on some documents that are for internal use only and that have your company’s logo and other copyright information. 

Benefits of Adding a Watermark 

Here are some benefits of adding a watermark to PDF

  • Watermarks help in protecting the document against unauthorized copying or transferring of the documents. This supports saving sensitive information. 
  • This is the best way to promote your brand identity in your important documents. Adding a watermark leaves a lasting impression on recipients. 
  • It shows professionalism in your documents and also shows that you trust your clients, partners, and audience. 
  • It shows the current status of the documents if it is in the draft stage, or for review, without making any changes to the content. 
  • It shows that the document is authentic and also legally protects your content from copying. 

Various Watermarks Types 

Watermarks come in various types including –

  • Text-Based Watermarks – These watermarks have text that conveys information like draft, copyright, or confidential. These texts are easy to edit and give you the freedom to convey whatever you want. 
  • Image-Based Watermark – This includes logos, images, or symbols as a watermark. It promotes the brand image through the visual representation. 
  • Opaque Watermarks – These kinds of watermarks are less transparent and more suitable for branding. This helps in providing copyright protection to the documents. 
  • Transparent Watermarks – These types of watermarks are subtle and with high transparency. This type of watermark is used for document security so that nobody can copy the content from it. 
  • Dynamic Watermarks – These watermarks consist of various information like date, time, and other user information. These are generated programmatically. 

How to Prepare Watermark to Add to PDF? 

If you already have the watermark, then you can skip this step, but if you are someone who is adding a watermark for the first time and has not decided what to add as a watermark then this step will help you. Preparing a watermark involves various things. You need to consider the content, design, and the right place where you want to position it on the documents. Here are the easy steps by which you can prepare it –

  • First, decide what information you want to deliver through the watermark. You can include a confidential logo, the name of the company, or any other copyright symbol. 
  • Now when you decide the information that you want to convey, it’s time to beautify your text or symbol. Choose a font style, color, and size that can complement your information. 
  • Now it is time to decide where you want to position your watermark like in the corner, or as a background, or other. 
  • You can also maintain the transparency of the watermark to make it readable. 

You can take support of the software tool for creating the watermarks according to your needs and requirements. 

Follow the Steps to Add a Watermark 

Here are the easy steps to add a watermark to a PDF or document –

  • Choose a PDF Software –First, you need to select a PDF editing software or similar tool that offers a watermarking feature. 
  • Open Your PDF –The next step is to open your PDF in the tool to which you want to add a watermark. 
  • Go To the Watermarking Feature –Within the software tool, you will find the watermarking or stamping feature. 
  • Customize Your Watermark –You can either include the watermark that you made in the previous stage or this step you can create a watermark, using the font, size, color, and other things. 
  • Apply the Watermark –Once you made your watermark, you can click on apply or OK. The software will help you in applying the watermark to your whole PDF document. 
  • Preview and Save –Now when you apply the watermark, it is time to take some time to preview it. Check it is placed in the correct place, if not, then make the needful changes. If you are okay with the placing and other things, you can save the PDF. Now your watermarked PDF is ready

Program Your Watermarks 

If you are someone who is good in technology and can use code to apply watermarks then adding watermarks programmatically is another option for them. All they need to do is generate the code for the watermark, do some algorithmic checks to ensure its positioning, and apply the batch watermarking feature to attach the watermark to the file. But this is useful only for the programmers who know how to code. People who don’t know about coding can use the easy steps that are mentioned in the article to get the result in seconds. 


In the end, we can say that watermarks are invaluable tools in this digital age. It plays an important role in enhancing the security of the document. It is the best way to highlight the image of your brand. Whether you want to safeguard your sensitive data from other or showcase the brand identity, the watermarks on the documents serves both purposes. It is an effective way to maintain the authenticity of your content. We hope that this article makes you clear about how to add a watermark to the PDF in simple ways. Now make your document more attractive and professional by adding watermarks. 

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