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There is always a difference between the upcoming stars and the ones who are star kids. They join through the star line where their parents have already been. This might be referred to as Nepotism. In some cases, these star kids are very talented and showcase real talent. But other times, they do not have the skills to make their own name. They are just they are showcasing in the name of their parents.

Similarly, one such star kid that you are here to learn about is Manon McCrory Lewis. She has been seen just recently and has just entered the entertainment industry.

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Manon McCrory Lewis Age

The star kid is still young. She is still doing her schooling and is in high school. It is good to see young faces in the entertainment industry.

She started acting at the age of 13 years old only. As per sources, it has been known that Manon McCroy Lewis was born a year before her parents tied the knot.

Presently, Manon McCroy is just 16 years old. She is completing her high school studies at the moment while focusing on her acting career as well.

Manon McCroy Lewis was born in the year 2006. And since then, she has been celebrating her birthday on September 6. Because her birthday is in the beginning of the month of September, her zodiac sign is Virgo.

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Manon McCroy Parents

Manon McCroy Lewis is born to the two most brilliant actors and actresses in the industry. And Manon McCroy father is Damion Lewis, whereas her mother is Helen McCroy.

Damion Lewis is a very well-known actor. He was seen in the movie Band of Brothers and portrayed the best of his acting skills. Not only that, he has been seen in other movies and TV shows as well.

Helen McCroy is known more for her acting in Harry Porter. She was also noticed in the recent series Peaky Blinders. Her acting was as brilliant as ever.

Manon McCroy wishes to be an actor as good as her parents. Even though what has been seen of her, she is walking in the footprints of her parents.

Unfortunately, in April of 2022, Helen McCroy left her family and her daughter behind. She was a fighter against cancer and fought until her last breath.

Manon Mccroy Lewis Sibling

Damion Lewis And Helen McCroy, have two children of their own. Monon McCroy Lewis is known to be the eldest one among the two. The other one is Gulliver Lewis. He is still not seen any camera. But was present in many of the awards shows alongside his sister and parents.

Gulliver Lewis was born the year after the two couple tied their knots. It was in 2007 when Damion Lewis and Helen Mccrory got married. And in 2008, they gave birth to a lovely son, that is, Gulliver Lewis.

Manon McCroy Ethnicity

Both Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory are from London. So, Manon McCroy is also British because of her parents. It is known that Manon Mccroy is actually Caucasian British because Helen McCroy was Caucasian.

But Manon McCroy follows Christianity, and so does her family. She is a believer of God as per known. But nothing other than has been revealed.

Manon McCroy Lewis Career

The star kid Manon McCroy started her career so young, that is, at the age of 13 years old. She has revealed that she has always been interested in acting and was impressed by her parents. She wants to become as good actors as her parents.

Manon McCroy Lewis started with modelling for a brand. And then slowly put her steps toward the entertainment industry. She has only played in two to three movies.

Her first movie is known to be PaperCut. After that, she acted in a DC movie, that is Aquaman. She was splendid with her acting in it. And then, she starred in the Marvel movie Shangchi And the legend of the Ten Rings. Till now, she has done these movies. Her fans are looking forward to seeing more of her.

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Manon McCroy Lewis Education

Even though she is a reputed young actress, Manon McCroy Lewis needs to complete her education. Currently, she is pursuing her high school graduation. She is studying in a reputed school, that is, Dwight School London.

It is not known about her future plans. She tries to keep her personal life private life. She has neither said if she is going to continue her education or not. Neither has she revealed any of her ideas or plans in the entertainment industry.

But despite of everything, she is going to keep continuing acting as she loves acting a lot and has mentioned this in many of her interviews.

Manon McCroy Lewis Salary

Manon is still young and new in the industry. She is still progressing in the industry, and it will take her time to reach her parents’ level.

As per sources, Manon McCroy Lewis has her monthly salary. Her salary is just around $5k only. It is not just enough. Since she is also a content creator, she also gets sponsorships and paid advertisements as well.

Manon McCroy Lewis Net Worth

There is an estimation but nothing has been confirmed yet. As per her salary and all of her assets, her net worth is not that much. But as estimated, Manon McCroy Net worth is around $2 million only. And as her career goes on in the future, her net worth will also keep on increasing.

manon mccrory lewis

Final Thoughts

Manon McCroy even though is a star kid, has a lot to learn and wants to improve her skills. We are sure that we will see the best of her acting skills in the future.

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