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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you must have heard of Noah Schnapp. Yes, we are talking about the actor who plays Will Byers in the Netflix series Stranger Things. Besides being one of the main characters in the sci-fi series, he has played other roles as well. Despite being so popular since a young age, a lot is still not known about the American actor. Thus, many are curious to know about Noah Schnapp Education, Noah Schnapp Career, and Noah Schnapp Net Worth. If you wish to know more about him as well, keep reading this article.

Noah Schnapp Net Worth

Noah Schnapp Age

A lot of people think that Noah is probably still a teenager. This is because many fans of the show Stranger Things have been watching him on screen since he was twelve. But in reality, the actor born on 3rd October 2004 is ready eighteen years old as of 2022. He was born in New York, New York, USA.

Noah Schnapp Family

Coming to Noah’s family, was born to his parents Karine and Mitchell Schnapp. Many people don’t know this, but Noah has a twin sister, Chloe. They share a very close relationship.

Noah Schnapp is American but he also holds Canadian Citizenship. And he is also of mixed ethnicity. Noah’s father is of Russian ancestry while his mother is of Moroccan ancestry.

Noah Schnapp Education

Many actors of his age are home-schooled. This is done mainly because an actor’s schedule doesn’t let them live normal lives. Homeschooling enables them to learn everything necessary without having to attend school regularly. However, Noah attended school. He attended and graduated from Scarsdale High School. It is quite impressive that he managed to do that despite his busy schedule.

Moreover, he is attending college. Actors who find success at a young age usually do not go to college. It is very uncommon for someone like him to pursue academics alongside acting. But Noah has decided to keep doing both. He is presently studying at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania where he is majoring in entrepreneurship and innovation. He is set to be the graduating batch of 2026.

Noah Schnapp Net Worth

Noah Schnapp Career

Noah knew he loved acting at a young age. At five years of age, he knew he wanted to act after watching the Broadway production of Annie. Like a lot of youngsters, he acted in school and community plays. But when he was eight years of age, his acting teacher suggested he pursued a professional acting career. And thus, Noah’s parents enrolled him in an acting program at Westchester’s Star Kidz. The program helped him immensely in shaping his career as an actor.

Noah is best known for his role as Will Byers in the Netflix series Stranger Things. He plays a very important role in the show and is well-praised for it as well. But other than that, he has also been a part of Bridge of Spies (2015) which was also his acting debut. The film went on to win an Academy Award. Noah Schnapp has also performed in The Peanuts Movie (2015), Abe (2019), Waiting for Anya (2020), Hubie Halloween (2020), and The Tutor (2022).

Noah Schnapp Social Media

Other than being an actor and student, Schnapp likes to post on YouTube. He has a YouTube channel by his full name where he posts mostly vlogs. As of December 2022, his YouTube channel has almost five million subscribers. The actor hasn’t posted anything on the channel for the past two years although he has millions of subscribers. It looks like YouTube is just a hobby of Noah.

Noah is also active on Instagram. On this platform he is even more popular, having over twenty-seven million followers. He likes to post pictures of his personal and professional life on the platform. All the likes, comments, and followers are evidence of how loved he is by the audience.

Noah Schnapp popular news

It is not unusual for actors to get caught up in some or other controversy. And Noah couldn’t escape it either. After the latest season of Strangers Things ended, Doja Cat, the American rapper, and singer reached out to Noah Schnapp. But it wasn’t to congratulate him on the season’s success. She had texted him to get the details of Joseph Quinn, Noah’s co-actor on Stranger Things who played Eddie Munsen. Doja wanted Noah to tell Quinn to “hit her up” and Noah told her to just “slide into his DMS”. And then Noah took screenshots of their chat and posted them on TikTok. Doja felt that was a breach of privacy and called Noah a snake for posting about their chat on TikTok.

This issue went on for a while and people online took sides. Some say Noah was wrong to post the screenshots while some Saud Doja is making a big deal out of it. A lot of people also criticized Doja Cat for asking a minor to help her in her dating life and said that was an unnecessary move. Soon Noah apologized to Doja and there are no more issues now.

Noah Schnapp Net Worth

It is no secret that working on successful shows and movies has enabled Noah Schnapp to earn a high net worth. He has been acting from a very young age because he loved art but went on to be a very successful actor. Noah is just eighteen years old but has already achieved a lot. And from the looks of it, he’s only going to achieve more. Noah Schnapp Net Worth of approximately four million dollars is proof of the success he has achieved and his potential as an actor.

Noah Schnapp Net Worth

Conclusive Insights

We will end our article on Noah Schnapp here. If you were curious about Noah Schnapp Education, Noah Schnapp Career, and Noah Schnapp Net Worth, we hope to have been of help. We recommend you check our shows and movies if you want to know more about the actor.

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