Prices for real estate for sale in Bulgaria

For those who want to profitably invest financial resources in the purchase of real estate abroad, Bulgaria is an excellent choice. Prices for real estate in this country are constantly growing. Therefore, you have the opportunity to profitably buy property for sale Bulgaria on the website of the agency Bulgarian Resales, familiarizing yourself with the current offers at a convenient time. 

Variety of real estate prices and future forecasts in this matter

Variety of real estate prices and future forecasts in this matter

Trends in real estate prices in Bulgaria is worth studying for anyone who is going to invest in real estate in this country for rent or subsequent sale at a higher cost. 

Secondary or new construction is possible. Both options have their own features, advantages. 

It is worth highlighting some useful recommendations for those who are going to invest in real estate in Bulgaria:

  1. Choosing the cheapest real estate in this country, it is worth taking a closer look at the proposals on the southern coast – secondary here leads the way in terms of affordability of prices. 
  2. Choosing real estate on a different budget, an excellent solution – Sunny Beach. This is the largest resort, with the opportunity to buy real estate from budget to premium class. 
  3. Of the most popular places where you can profitably buy real estate for foreigners, it is worth highlighting Sofia and Varna, as well as Burgas and Nessebar. 

Prices for real estate in Bulgaria are acceptable enough for a profitable acquisition. And those who plan to rent out the purchased real estate, or maybe sell more expensive, will be able to appreciate all the charms of such a choice. 

Prices for apartments in Bulgaria are growing rapidly. Therefore, you will be able to sell the purchased housing profitably and quickly, correctly determining the appropriate area. 

Properties by the sea – the best choice for renting or selling

Properties by the sea - the best choice for renting or selling

Many tourists actively come to Bulgaria to resorts to have an unforgettable and bright vacation, to get maximum pleasure. From Bulgaria you can travel to Greece or Turkey, as well as Serbia. 

Bulgaria is characterized by a mass of advantages. This country is:

  • is warm and sunny;
  • has an amazing maritime climate, which has a favorable effect on health;
  • offers a variety of housing options – it can be apartments by the sea or apartments in modern metropolitan areas, or maybe small cottages or huge luxury villas. 

Prices for land plots in Bulgaria are quite acceptable. And this option is also interesting for many. Private houses, cottages are located in areas with well-developed infrastructure. For those who are going to rent real estate, it is worth paying attention to:

  • villas;
  • cottages;
  • apartments by the sea. 

There may be many incredibly komofrtnyh options, with several bedrooms, terraces and kitchen, balcony. 

Price policy

There are many factors that affect the cost of real estate in Bulgaria. Here it is worth highlighting the location of the housing stock. It plays a role how far the house or apartment is from the sea, from the city center, tourist resort areas. Also significant is the type of property – it can be apartments or cottages, villas and a plot of land. The size of the property plays a role, as well as the renovation and commission fees. 

On the Bulgarian Resales website you will be able to find the best options, all you need is internet access and free time. Here everyone will be able to find the best option, favorable and reliable.


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