Property in Dubai. Reasons to invest

No matter how comfortable or spacious the apartment is, owning a home in Dubai is a privilege available to the elite. A house in Dubai for sale in is good not only for our usual comfort and decoration, lack of neighbors, and independent location but also for closed elitism. Many private housing options have access to the sea or a large green area, which is considered an indicator of status and luxury for the Gulf countries.

Dubai is a fast-growing city, and new areas are growing almost daily.

Downtown Dubai and the Dubai International Financial Center area are popular with honeymooners and professionals due to their proximity to the Burj Khalifa and Sheikh Zayed Road. Still, rents in these areas can be slightly higher than in less central areas.

Bur Dubai and Deira are cheaper and teem with local restaurants, but the buildings are older and may need to be equipped with the amenities that new areas offer.

Dubai Marina is popular with westerners and a younger crowd, while the middle-income areas of Greens and Springs offer affordable Dubai townhouses and luxury villas.

Prices and advantages of houses in Dubai

When choosing real estate in the Emirates, you should focus on more than just the cost of the object. There are many factors to consider to enjoy your purchase fully:

  1. Decide on the purpose of the purchase. Suppose this is a home for a family and regular residence in the UAE. In that case, you should pay attention to objects located away from the tourist centers in green areas of the closed type, for example, Emirates Hills. There are few such options on the market, but we will select the best offer for you, where it is safe, shops and schools nearby, and where you can relax from the tourist bustle.
  2. Check the main points: you can buy cheaply, but you need to pay attention to the cost of maintenance, the foundation, the landing of the house on the site, check the garage and basement, check the engineering design, check the ventilation and air conditioning system, stairs and pool, find out if there are any debts around the house. Of course, it is better to entrust these issues to specialists.

Investing in residential buildings in Dubai is profitable for 5 main reasons:

  • the economy of the Emirates is constantly growing and attracts tourists, investors, and residents from all over the world;
  • the best roads in the world that allow you to enjoy the most expensive cars;
  • no taxes on property ownership, rental income, or profits on personal and corporate income;
  • the highest level of world-class security with the lowest crime rate in the world;
  • ease of obtaining a residence permit for property owners and family members.

In the emirates, the sun shines all year round, and the demand for holidays does not fall even in the cool months. And this is another plus of buying, and the house can be used both for yourself and for income, which is not taxed.

How to make the right choice

If you want to buy a house in the UAE for the price of an apartment, we recommend that you pay attention to the new settlements in Dubai. Villas in areas such as Townsquare, Mira, and Remram are built with all modern conveniences, but their cost is half as much because the areas are new.

You can even choose from furnished or unfurnished villas. In some areas, it is considered normal to offer a property along with large appliances such as stoves and refrigerators, so check with our agent before signing a lease.

Dubai is a city that is growing and developing at a fast pace, making it an ideal place to invest in land or homes. The emirate meets all the requirements to spend money here rather than in other parts of the world.

Dubai ranks first on the list in terms of well-being and safety. The sale of houses in Dubai has reached a new, perfect level. The economic development of the country as a whole facilitated this. The emirate has become an ideal place to invest in real estate and property. The real estate sector has benefited from this level of investment, and the rise of the construction industry has boosted the tourism sector of the economy.

Therefore, the Emirates is often called an excellent place for construction. And it is not surprising that primary properties, including apartments and houses from the developer, are among the most sought-after among foreign buyers.

The attraction of investing in a villa or cottage at the initial stage of construction lies in the opportunity to save money and end up with a modern, high-quality, and legally regulated home in which to enjoy the eternal summer.

Advantages of purchasing property in Dubai in AX CAPITAL

AX CAPITAL aims to offer you the best solutions for purchasing real estate in Dubai in accordance with the best market conditions. The offer of cottages, townhouses and villas in Dubai, and today is so great that the prices are very low so that you can take advantage of this opportunity right now.

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