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We often read a lot about celebrities. And that list of people usually consists of actors, models, and musicians. We rarely see many articles on people who are making social changes. If you have always wanted to read about less-known people doing great things, this article is just the one for you. Want to know about a philanthropist? Well, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we will tell you all about Rebecca Grossman’s age, Rebecca Grossman’s career, Rebecca Grossman’s family, Rebecca Grossman net worth, and Rebecca Grossman’s latest news. So keep reading to find out more!

rebecca grossman net worth

Rebecca Grossman

Who is Rebecca Grossman? She is famous for multiple things. This American woman is most known for being a philanthropist. To be precise, people are aware of her for the good work she has done for burn victims and survivors. This project of hers is aided by her husband, who is a plastic surgeon. Rebecca is said to be born and brought up in California. If you want to know about her and her various achievements, read further.

Rebecca Grossman Age

The philanthropist is approximately fifty-eight years of age. She was born in 1963. But, since her birth date is not confirmed to the public, we cannot confirm her age to be exactly fifty-eight.

rebecca grossman net worth

Rebecca Grossman Career

Rebecca has had a very successful career. And that is both as a journalist and entrepreneur. Her list of achievements happens to be very long.

Rebecca has been the owner of a Medical marketing business, Medi-Marketing Associations. And has also operated in the past. Besides that, she has been the marketing director of Advanced Laser Specialist, which then merged with Psychologic reps, Inc. in 1997.

Moreover, she has been on television. Like many philanthropists and entrepreneurs, she appeared as a guest host on a weekly morning news segment. And the segment was called “Stop the Clock” for ABC7 Eyewitness News.

Speaking of her more current work, she is the Publisher and Editor-Chief of various magazines. Some of these magazine companies are Westlake Magazine, West Luxury Magazine, and Paragon Healthy Lifestyle Magazines.

As an entrepreneur, she holds even more titles. Rebecca Grossman is also the CEO of DITL Apps and Powerhouse Lux Media Inc. It is bizarre to think that someone can manage all this together, but Rebecca shows us that nothing is really impossible.

Her most successful and well-known venture is the Grossman Burn Foundation which she founded with her husband. This Foundation provides care and supports to burn survivors. Rebecca and her husband Peter are also known famously for treating a little girl from Afghanistan. Peter Grossman, being a plastic surgeon, helped the little girl, Zubaida, with her burnt skin. The couple is also the legal guardian of the girl. And even now, Zubaida visits them from time to time.

rebecca grossman net worth

Rebecca Grossman Family

Not much is known of Rebecca’s parents. She had unfortunately not made information about her parents public. But, it is well known that she has a brother named Michael. They are known to be close siblings. The secrecy about her family life is understandable as she is already famous. She might not be an actor or musician, but she’s famous, alright. And it is a wise tactic used by celebrities when they keep family information private. It prevents the media from digging too deep and entangling the families of celebrities in controversy.

Rebecca Grossman is married to Peter Grossman, but the year of their marriage is unknown. It was a very intimate affair, according to sources. And the couple has two children.

Rebecca Grossman Net Worth

Having the kind of career that she did, Rebecca Grossman net worth is not a surprise. The woman has worked for multiple companies, founded a few and is still thriving professionally. As of 2022, her net worth is estimated to be $2 million to $5 million. She earns her net worth from all the positions she holds and all companies she has founded. And we think it is only well-deserving.


Rebecca Grossman Latest News

This incident is not new that Rebecca was accused of murder charges. In 2020, Rebecca Grossman hit brothers Mark Iskander and Jacob Iskander with her car by accident. This occurred at a crossroad intersection in West Village. According to sources, she was driving at nearly twice the posted speed limit. One of the boys was announced dead at the site, while the other passed away in the hospital. Back in 2020, when Rebecca was convicted of murder, she was released on bail of $2 million.

In June 2022, Rebecca had to go through her trial regarding the case. And she pleaded not guilty to murder. Her lawyer has provided arguments that it was indeed an unfortunate incident but not an intended murder. Besides, he also said that the accused was clearly speeding, which is wrong, but that does not equal murder. Rebecca was apparently racing Erikson, a well-known racer. And her lawyer argued that she was in a different phase of driving and couldn’t see the kids due to the poorly lit crossroad. The city manager has been accused of not making the crossroad safer. The trial is far from over, so people need to wait long for the final verdict.

rebecca grossman net worth

Final Thoughts

As we have come to the end of this article, we hope that you have learned something about this entrepreneur. She has achieved a great lot in her life. Rebecca Grossman net worth shows that her success is, in fact, impressive. Besides, the things she and her husband have done for burn survivors are commendable.

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