Rod Wave Net Worth, Education, Children, Life Details & More!

If you are someone who enjoys music, you might have heard the name, Rod Wave. And if your favorite genre of music is rap, you might even be a fan of Rod Wave. Yes, we are talking about the very popular American rapper and singer. While a lot is known about his career, not much is known about his personal life. Or rather, not much about his personal life is discussed. But that doesn’t mean it should be ignored. It is often important to know about an artist’s personal life to truly know them.

If you want to know more about Rod Wave Education, Rod Wave Children, and Rod Wave Net Worth among things, keep reading this article. We will tell you all about the rapper.

Rod Wave Net Worth

What is Rod Wave’s real name?

It is not new to see musicians have different aliases for their profession. Rod Wave is the stage name of Rodarius Marcell Green. Read further to get to know Marcell a little better.

Rod Wave Age

Rod Wave was born on 27th August 1998. His place of birth is St. Petersburg, Florida, USA. That makes him twenty-four years old as of 2022.

Rod Wave Children and Family

It is common for his fans to be interested in his family, but Rod Wave is very private about them. No information is available on the musician’s parents or potential siblings. He is also not a married man. But, he has had previous relationships. The names of his previous partners are not known. This is again because Rod Wave doesn’t share everything about his personal life with the public. He has two children but details about them or their mother(s) are unknown.

Rod Wave Education

Marcell attended Lakewood High School and graduated high school from there. According to sources, he did not attend college. But that did not cause any major inconveniences in his life since he has now become a very successful musician.

Rod Wave Physical Appearance

Rod Wave is a tall man who has a height of 5’7”. He is of African American ethnicity and weighs approximately 221 lbs. Marcell has a large body build. He has black hair and brown eyes.

Rod Wave Net Worth

Rod Wave Career

We are talking about Rod Wave today because of his success in the music industry. Like a lot of artists, he started his career by releasing independent mixtapes. His first ever mixtape was Hunger Games Vol. 1. His second mixtape, PTSD including the song Heart on Ice was what made him rise to fame in 2019.

Heart on Ice which came out in 2019 went viral and found its place on the Billboard Hot 100. Following the release of his single, he released his debut album, Ghetto Gospel in 2019 as well. The album also went on to be a hit. Ever since then, Rod Wave’s releases have found great success.

Marcell’s second album Pray 4 Love, released in 2020 was a hit at number two on Billboard 200. And his third album, SoulFly which was released in 2021, went on to be a chart-topping album peaking at number one on Billboard 200.

The release of his song, Nirvana brought some controversy his way as it was speculated to be a suicide letter. Fans and other listeners thought that Rod Wave might have been hinting at ending his life. And that would be concerning if it were true. But the controversies died down after Wave confirmed that the song was not a suicide letter.

Some of Rod Wave’s most successful songs are Street Runner, Tombstone, and Cold December. The last album he released was Beautiful Mind on 12th August 2022. Fans are eager to see what new music he is going to release in 2023.

Rod Wave Social Media

Like any other tough person of this generation, Rod Wave has a social media presence. You can find him on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

On Facebook, he has a page called, Rod Wave that has over three hundred and five thousand likes as of December 2022. Coming to his Instagram, @rodwave, he has over six million followers. Rod Wave has a YouTube channel that has over four million subscribers.

Check out his social media accounts if you want to listen to his music or want to know him better. They are proof of the fact that he is a great musician and entertainer.

Rod Wave Net Worth

Rod Wave did not come from fame. Like a lot of artists, he had to work hard for his career. But unlike a lot of aspiring rappers, he did not make his career by working with famous people. He did it all by himself. And thus, is known for his introspective song writing and the work he has done with hip-hop and R&B.

But that doesn’t mean he is not open to working with big stars like Kevin Gates and Kanye West. He is looking forward to that part of his career but even without it, Rod Wave has done well for himself. From the kind of success he has achieved, it seems like his voice and song writing skills are the only things he needs. His social media presence and net worth are proof of his success. All the love and support from fans have allowed Marcell to earn a high net worth. As of 2022, Rod Wave Net Worth is approximately five million dollars.

Rod Wave Net Worth

Conclusive Insights

This is where we will end our article on Rod Wave. In a short period, Rod Wave has achieved a lot of success by working on his skills. If you were curious to know about Rod Wave Education, Rod Wave Children, and Rod Wave Net Worth among things, we hope to have been of help. If you liked reading about him, you will probably like his music, so we highly recommend you check it out. Make sure to also check out his social media accounts to know him better. What did you think of this article? Tell us in the comments below.


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