Safety and Security: Tips for Choosing Secure Apartments in Seattle

When it comes to apartment hunting in Seattle, safety and security are paramount. The city, known for its vibrant culture and beautiful landscapes, is generally safe, but like any major urban area, it varies by neighborhood. This guide provides crucial tips for finding secure apartments in Seattle, ensuring peace of mind in your new home.

Understanding Seattle’s Neighborhoods

Seattle’s neighborhoods each have their own unique character and safety profile. Researching and understanding the safety of different areas is an essential first step in finding a secure apartment. Online crime maps and local news reports can provide valuable insights into a neighborhood’s safety.

Consider the Location

The location of an apartment can greatly influence its safety. Look for apartments in well-lit, busy areas and avoid those in isolated or poorly lit locations. Proximity to public services like police stations or fire departments can also be a factor.

Finding Secure Apartments

Online Search Tools

The most efficient way to find houses in Seattle is to search apartments for rent in Seattle on Google or a leading real estate app like Zumper. These platforms offer detailed filters that can help you find apartments with specific security features.

Ask About Safety Features

When looking at listings or visiting apartments, inquire about safety features. This includes secure entry systems, surveillance cameras, well-maintained locks on doors and windows, and the presence of security personnel.

Evaluating the Security of a Building

Check the Building’s Entry Points

Inspect all entry points to the building. Secure buildings typically have controlled access systems like key fob entry or a code-based system.

Assess Common Areas and Lighting

Well-lit hallways, parking areas, and other common spaces are essential for safety. Check that these areas are well maintained and have adequate lighting, especially at night.

Inquire About Emergency Procedures

Ask the landlord or property manager about the building’s emergency procedures. This includes fire safety measures, evacuation plans, and how they handle security breaches.

Apartment Security Features

Inspect Window and Door Locks

Check that all windows and doors in the apartment have sturdy, functioning locks. Ground-floor apartments should have extra security measures for windows.

Consider Smart Security

Some modern apartments come equipped with smart security features, such as video doorbells or alarm systems. These can offer an added layer of security.

Community Safety

Talk to Current Residents

Speaking with current residents can give you an honest perspective on the building’s security and the overall safety of the neighborhood.

Observe the Neighborhood

Spend time in the neighborhood at different times of the day to observe the atmosphere and activity levels. A safe neighborhood usually has a consistent level of activity and presence of people.

Lease Agreements and Safety

Review Security Clauses

When signing a lease, review any clauses related to security and safety. Ensure you understand your rights and responsibilities as a tenant regarding security.

Clarify Maintenance Responsibilities

Clarify who is responsible for maintaining safety features like locks and smoke detectors. In most cases, this should be the landlord’s responsibility.


Choosing a secure apartment in Seattle involves careful consideration of the location, building security features, and the community’s safety. Utilize online resources such as real estate apps to filter your search based on safety features. By prioritizing security in your apartment hunt, you can enjoy your new home with peace of mind, knowing you’ve taken the steps to ensure a safe living environment.


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