The Beginner’s Guide to Using A Prostate Massager

You’re ready to add maximum pleasure to your sex routine. So, where do you start? Toys can be a great addition to the bedroom and come in a wide variety of types to choose from. Here’s our beginner’s guide to using a prostate massager, the ultimate sexual experience!

Your First Prostate Massager

There are a few things to consider when picking out your first prostate massager. Size is most important! Larger massagers can be difficult to use and uncomfortable when you’re a beginner. Also, look at the capabilities of the massagers. Some offer dual stimulation, pulsing, and rotating beads and are even remote-controlled!

How to Prepare for Your Massage

You’re about to play with a very sensitive part of your body. Taking time to prepare for your massage will lead to a more pleasurable experience.

Wash, Dry, and Clip

We recommend to wash your hands and your massager with a gentle and mild soap. You may also want to trim fingernails and remove any rings.

Communication Goes A Long Way

If participating with a partner, remember communication is key to having a comfortable and very enjoyable experience. Talk beforehand about expectations and preferences, and be sure to communicate any needs or discomforts during play.

Lubrication and Start Slow

A good lubrication goes a long way when you’re adding prostate play into the bedroom. This area is extremely delicate, so find one that’s safe for your body. You can start slowly by first using a finger before inserting the toy.

Relaxation Is The Key

The more comfortable you are, the better it’s going to feel. Here are relation tips for using your massager.

  • Foreplay: By engaging in foreplay beforehand, you can start to relax your body and mind, making it easier to start using your prostate massager.
  • Penis Stimulation: Prostate massages can be intense for beginners. Adding penis stimulation helps you to focus on other, more familiar sensations.
  • Deep Breathing: Getting enough oxygen can absolutely help you relax during this intimate massage.
  • Take Your Time: Spend the time to get to know your body. There’s no need to rush; take your time and let the pleasure build!

Getting Familiar with Your Massager

Now that you’re prepared, it’s time to try your massager out. Find a comfortable location and position that allows easy access to your anus. Lubricate your prostate massager and slowly insert the toy into your anus, making sure to point towards your belly button where your prostate is located. Go slowly to avoid any discomfort.

Your prostate is located just a few inches inside the anus and feels like a walnut-sized bump. Once your massager is in place, turn on the vibrating settings and start to experiment. See what feels good to your body and adjust angles, depths, and motions as needed.

You Deserve The Best

With a little preparation and listening to your body, this toy makes the perfect addition to your sex routine. Why settle for mediocre sexual experiences when you can have insane pleasure with a prostate massager? You deserve the best.

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