The different live Blackjack variations

Blackjack is one of the most iconic casino games – the main aim is to beat the dealer without going bust by avoiding reaching a sum that’s over 21.

Many players love the land-based version, as it’s such an easy game to learn, but the options are even better and include more features, when playing online. 

The number of games online are endless, and you can browse them all from the comfort of your home. You can even try the live versions, creating an even more authentic gaming experience and meet new people, just like you would at a real-life casino.

If this sounds intriguing, or you want a quick guide to some of the options, here are a few of the live variations you can try, so you’re prepared to play online Blackjack – there may even be some twists along the way…

Live Free Bets

Step up to the table, with this fast-paced game of live Blackjack that is best for experienced players. Following the standard game of Blackjack, there are bonus features to add something new to the game.

The ‘bet behind’ feature allows you to bet even if you’re not one of the seven players at the table. Instead, you’ll bet on the position and hand of the player in front, with the added possibility of side bets.

With more chances to try your hand at this game, it’s time to play, or even observe!

Live All Bets Blackjack

Hosting an unlimited number of players, this game is ready when you are, with many different options to help you customise the game how you’d like.

You can even choose to split cards of the same value into two separate hands, so you can double down after the first two cards. This a great way to take insurance if the dealer has an ace.

Within the game, there are five side bets that you can choose from. One of them is called ‘21+3’, so you bet on whether you can make a three-card Poker hand, using your first cards, along with the dealer’s.

There are four more side bets to explore, so which one will be your favourite?

Live Quantum Blackjack Plus

Get ready to try your chances at increasing your payouts, which can be done if you beat the dealer with a hand that contains one or more multiplier – there’s potential to increase your stake up to 10x!

Although, this can only be used within main bets. However, this does mean that there are a range of side bets that you can carry out alongside the game. One of them is the pair, which is based on identical cards, suits, numbers and colours.

It’s a simple game to grasp, but what potential multiplier will you unlock?

With a number of live Blackjack games to try, you have a great opportunity to see if live gaming is for you. And with even more games to discover, you can try your hand at various chance-based options to see what your outcomes will be…


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