The Place Of Laser Marking Machines In Product Tracking And Traceability

Manufacturers need to be able to track and trace products. Laser marking machines play a vital role here. Because they can mark important information such as serial numbers, barcodes or other necessary information on many materials. The markings made with these machines are very precise and very durable. Despite being exposed to very harsh conditions, the information marked on the products is readable or still scannable. The marks are permanent. They cannot be changed. This makes it easy to track these products for many years. 

They are used in many different sectors. You can use these machines to track products at all supply stages from the manufacturer to the customer. What needs to be done for this is to mark the necessary information on the products with the Hantencnc laser marking machine. These markings are almost impossible to disappear. They will be permanent for many years. For example, you have a big company and you are engaged in mass production. Tracking your products is very important. You should know:

  • How many were produced? 
  • How many were sold? 
  • How many are left? 

Information such as these need to be collected. It will make it easier to determine the location of your products in inventory. You can determine all information such as how many products you need to send, thanks to the laser marking you have marked on the materials. You can easily track this information that you transfer to digital media. Besides, you can mark the products with individually defined serial numbers during production.

Problems Are Not A Big Deal Anymore

If you need to recall your products when any problems occur in your products. You can easily collect your products with this information recorded on the system. As it is known, even the most well-known brands sometimes make faulty operations during the production phase. And then they need to recall the products. Collection of products that threaten human health or products that have expired is very important at this point. In order to be able to track them, information such as the expiration date must be marked on them. You can also mark your products with logos and special information about your company to protect your brand value. This will prevent counterfeiting. There are multiple methods of marking. For example, you can opt for inkjet marking. But, the biggest difference between the laser marking method and other marking methods is the marking process. Your marking will remain for many years without any deformation. 

In Which Sectors Are Laser Marking Machines Used?

Laser marking machines are used for different purposes in various industries. For example, you can use it to mark the expiration dates or serial numbers on the products in the food and beverage industry. In this way, you can ensure food safety. This prevents the sale of any expired products. In the automotive industry, you can mark the information defined according to the serial numbers of the vehicle parts produced. You can ensure that these parts are tracked throughout production. In the pharmaceutical industry, this information will make it easier to prevent any expired drug from being sold on the market. In the electronics industry, even very small electronic components can be marked. The loss of electronic parts can be prevented. It is easier to track components throughout the production process. Hantencnc laser marking machines are indispensable for tracking and monitoring products in all sectors. You can ensure that products are tracked in real-time in important sectors. 

Another important thing is the marking speed. It is very important, especially in mass production. Laser marking machines can mark much faster than other marking methods. Marking machines continue to be developed to increase this speed. This increases confidence in their products. Because if you see aging or erasure of a print, a pattern, a barcode or information on a product you have purchased in a short time, you will naturally think that the product has poor quality. But, since laser-marked products do not spray a substance such as paint on the material, such fading does not occur. These machines create permanent marks by melting or vaporizing the material on the material. Thanks to these indelible marks, your products will be difficult to imitate. This way you can prevent counterfeiting.


What Kind Of Problems Would There Be Without These Laser Markings?

Ink marking methods would probably be preferred the most. This, as we have just mentioned, will make it difficult to follow the products for a long time due to the fading or erasability of the ink over time. Moreover, counterfeiting products will be very high. When you have a problem with any product, you may not be able to return it because of unreadable serial numbers or barcodes. This can cause you to use dangerous products. Products could be counterfeited much more easily. Products below the quality standard you produce can be produced and sold under your brand.

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