The Power of Moaning: Why Women Make Noise During Sex

Some make low moans, some squeal, some scream, some curse.

It’s no secret that women make noise during sex. 

But why do they do it? 

Is it just to turn their partner on, or is there something more going on here?

In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into sex sounds, including what they are, why they are actually the best, and how you can level up your own with the help of Skype sex.

What Is Moaning?

Moaning is a form of nonverbal communication that, when used during sex, expresses pleasure, desire, and excitement. For many women, it’s a way to let their partner know what they’re true sex stories enjoying and what they want more of.

With this said, an unfortunately large number of men often believe that women moan because they want to sound sexy or as a way of faking pleasure. But this is very seldom the case. 

The truth is that many women moan because it just feels good to do so! Similar to when you get a massage on sore muscles. You might say almost involuntarily, “That’s the spot.” or when you take a bite of food that tastes like it came straight down from heaven onto your plate, and you just have to say, “Oh my god, this is good.” 

Because Bed Bondage Positions expressing your pleasure can actually increase your pleasure. 

The Science Behind Moaning

When women moan, they tend to exhale more deeply and slowly. And in turn, their body will respond by increasing vaginal lubrication. This helps to release tension in the body and allows the pelvic floor muscles to relax, which in turn can help increase blood flow to the vagina and promote natural lubrication.

In addition, some good old-fashioned moaning can also help women climax stronger. Because when women make noise during sex, it can sometimes be a bit easier to get out of their own heads, clear their minds and focus on the pleasure at hand. 

So, for any woman reading this: next time you’re getting busy with your partner, don’t be afraid to let those moans loose and just let yourself get lost in the pleasure. 

How to make better sex sounds

Throughout history, women have been shushed, told to be quiet, and made to feel like they shouldn’t make noise in the bedroom. 

But as times have changed, both men and women prefer making some noise. Thank goodness. 

So, if you find yourself wildly turned on by moaning, and maybe you want to try it yourself, then take a look at the following tips. 

And from another point of view, if you know your partner loves to hear your sex sounds, but you seem to be holding them back, it could also be worth your time to take a look at these tips. 

Use “m” and “o”

The most common way to let out a sensual moan in the bedroom is to simply take a deep breath in and let the air out through your mouth as you make an “m” sound or an “o” sound. This should create a resonating, low moan. Simply let it out anytime you feel a particularly good sensation.

Have fun 

Experiment with adding other sounds, like gasps, whimpers, or heck, even screams. Find what gets you hot, and let yourself go wild.

Pro-tip: Use Skype sex as a tool to study professional moaners 

For all you perfectionists out there, listen up. You can quickly become a pro at anything sex related by simply going on a Skype sex date. Not only is virtual sex the hottest new way to safely hook up with people, but it’s also an educational experience if you pay attention. 

Skype models are professionals at using their voice and their words to communicate to their clients just how turned on they are. It’s worth it to give Skype sex a try in order to listen closely to the sex sounds, take inspiration from them, and then try them out yourself. 

Quick recap

Moaning is one of the best ways for women to express and to elevate their pleasure and emotion during sex with a partner and or during Skype sex with a stranger. 

Sex sounds can be a huge turn-on for both partners, and it has a number of health benefits as well. By making noise during sex, not only are you intensifying your orgasm, but you’re also opening up to each other and becoming more intimate with each other as a result. 

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