Timeshare Freedom Group: Is It a Legit Company? Read to Know!

You might have bought a timeshare, assuming it is a deal of a lifetime. Or your father gave the timeshare burden to you, and now you have no clue how to get out of it. 

Paying thousands of dollars each year for a property you rarely visit or use is not a thing wise people do. So, what options are you left with? 

Exit your timeshare with the Best Timeshare Cancellation Companies like Timeshare Freedom Group. But wait, Is Timeshare Freedom Group a legit company? 

Do you want an answer to this question? If yes, keep reading this article! 

About Timeshare Freedom Group 

Commenced in 2010, Timeshare Freedom Group is one of the best timeshare cancellation companies based out of Laguna Hills, California. With fifteen physical offices in various states, including Virginia, Ohio, California, Florida, etc., they help people eliminate their timeshare contracts without hassle. 

The company has a good clientele and 15650 satisfied clients; however, only 12 facebook reviews, eight google reviews, and 15 BBB reviews are available on the web. That’s what makes people doubtful about TFG. So, let’s dive deep into this article and find out if it’s a legit company. 

Timeshare Freedom Group Ratings Online 

As mentioned above, the company has a few reviews online; however, we still try to analyze and find out more information about the company from them. Let’s get started! 

What Google Says:- 

  • Timeshare Freedom Group has 1.4 ratings out of 5 from 18 reviews. 

The company on Facebook:- 

  • It has a 2.2 out of 5-star rating on Facebook from 23 votes. 

BBB Ratings:- 

  • 1.34 out of 5 ratings on Better Business Bureau from 70 customer reviews. 

That’s what we have found about TFG on the web. It gives us enough information about the company and its reputation in the market. 

Pros & Cons of Timeshare Freedom Group 

To get a clear idea of whether you should hire a timeshare exit company, you should go through the below-mentioned points that contain several pros and cons of Timeshare Freedom Group. 


  • Live Chat Option on Website 
  • Can help with international timeshare 
  • Provides attorney if needed 


  • No escrow offered 
  • Not accredited by BBB 
  • Closed on Weekends 

Should You Hire a Timeshare Freedom Group? 

Most of the reviews of TFG are negative, making it a bad option for a timeshare exit. Though it’s not apparent if the company is a scam or legit, the reviews indicate that it doesn’t have good relations with its clients. However, if you find any positive and exceptional benefit in hiring them, you must go ahead. 

Also, we have found that the company cannot legally get its clients out of their timeshare. But they consider foreclosure a good strategy for a timeshare exit. It means the company advises its customers to stop paying the annual maintenance costs that hurt their credit scores. So, if you receive such advice from TFG, it’s a red flag. 

Final Thoughts 

Many people buy a timeshare, thinking it is a wise investment; however, the reality is totally different. After some time, the buyer finds out that the timeshare value in the real market is equal to zero. Renting out a timeshare is not a great option. An individual can’t stop paying the annual maintenance cost. 

Then, hope arises, which is hiring a timeshare cancellation company and getting rid of the timeshare. But what if the timeshare exit company is not good? So, to help people find an answer to this question, Is Timeshare Freedom Group a legit company; we have prepared this guide. 

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