Top 3 Tech Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2024

The year 2023 was an extremely interesting one in the world of technology. Artificial Intelligence went from a fringe concern to a mainstream obsession – and other quiet improvements in computing promise to make 2024 just as transformative.

It’s difficult to say with certainty what the future might hold. Nevertheless, we can take a few reasonable guesses at what might be in store during the year to come. 

Generative AI and automation

Despite all of the excitement and trepidation surrounding the term ‘artificial intelligence’, it’s yet to really break through into the average workplace in a meaningful way. 2024 could be the year in which this changes.

Microsoft’s use of large language models in its search engine, Bing, took many by surprise. Used in the wrong way, AI of this sort is prone to hallucinations and inaccuracy. But if harnessed properly, it could actually deal with a lot of menial work to which human beings are unsuited. It could arrange your daily schedule, help with brainstorming ideas, and a thousand other minor applications that could make businesses and individuals of every kind substantially more productive.

Sustainable technology

Governments around the world have made the commitment to reducing their carbon emissions. And some corporations have been even more ambitious, with a raft of promises being made by major tech firms.

Among the more interesting developments in this space has been IBM’s blockchain-based approach to securing food supply chains. This, or something like it, might ultimately help consumers across the world to make better, more sustainable choices when it comes to the foods they enjoy.

The use of electric vehicles is another trend that’s unlikely to go anywhere. Many major companies, like RS Americas, are pioneering the use of EVs and alternative energy, helping businesses to transition away from existing solutions that rely on fossil fuels.


It seems that not a year goes by without advances in cybersecurity being trumpeted as the next big change in IT. But the fact is that online threats are constantly evolving, with new forms of malicious software being developed every day. As such, we need to be proactive about how we deal with these threats. 

In strengthening the cybersecurity of a given organization, technical experts like IT support think not only about the technology itself but also the way individuals are trained in the use of that technology. The prevalence of phishing provides us with a good case in point. Only when workers are sensitive to the dangers of phishing can a business consider itself well-protected – and that means regular education from professionals.

We can’t say with certainty what the threats will be in 2024 – but we can say that vigilance is the best way to anticipate them.

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