Where to Kill Greater Demons OSRS

Greater Demons is one of the demons in Old School RuneScape, alongside lesser demons, black demons, abyssal demons, and demon bosses such as Skotizo or Kril. They can be encountered in various locations, each offering unique challenges and advantages. There are primary spots for killing these daunting creatures, but secondary ones, such as the Entrana dungeon, are not recommended.

Wilderness Slayer Cave

The Wilderness Slayer Cave is a noteworthy location for hunting Greater Demons, particularly appealing to those undertaking Wilderness Slayer tasks. One significant advantage of this location is its relatively low player traffic, which can make for a more uninterrupted demon-slaying experience. The cave, being in the Wilderness, allows cannon use, making it an excellent spot for players looking to maximize their kill speed.

However, being in the Wilderness it shares the same inherent risks as other Wilderness locations – the possibility of encountering player killers. Hence, bringing gear you’re willing to risk is advisable. The cave’s layout is relatively straightforward, making navigating easier than some more complex dungeons.

The strategic advantage of the Wilderness Slayer Cave is that it offers a balance between accessibility and risk. The presence of Greater Demons in a less crowded environment allows for a focused hunting experience. Additionally, players on Wilderness Slayer tasks can earn Slayer points more quickly here, making it an efficient choice for advancing in Slayer tasks.

You will also be able to make more OSRS gold pieces here since the Greater demons here will also drop the Wilderness cave tertiary drops, such as blighted food, pots, and teleport tablet, and rare items, such as the trouver parchment or the magic shortbow imbue scroll. On top of this, if you are on a Slayer task, you might also receive Larran’s keys.

Catacombs of Kourend

The Catacombs of Kourend present a safer yet still challenging environment. These catacombs are a multi-combat area, but you can’t use a cannon here. Multiple demons will attack you simultaneously, but kills will be slower without a cannon. These catacombs have the added benefit of dropping ancient shards and dark totem pieces, which are exclusive to this location. While a cannon’s absence might slow your kill rate, the catacombs offer a steadier and safer experience. The strategy effectively uses prayers and potions to maintain sustainability during fights.

Brimhaven Dungeon

Brimhaven Dungeon, a well-known location for Greater Demons, also houses metal dragons, adding a unique dynamic to your demon-slaying quest. You can use a cannon in this dungeon, which is advantageous for speeding up kills. However, the dungeon requires an entry fee and is a bit out of the way, making it less accessible than other locations. The proximity to metal dragons means you must be cautious about attracting unwanted attention from these tougher foes. The strategy here involves positioning your cannon strategically to target demons even though the location is a single combat zone, and your cannon will attack one demon at a time.

Chasm of Fire

The Chasm of Fire offers a unique multi-level combat experience against Greater Demons. You will only be able to kill the greater demons here if you are on a Slayer task, and no, you don’t need an infernal cape for this. This area allows for cannon usage, which can be advantageous if positioned correctly to target demons on various levels. The main benefit here is the high density of demons, ensuring a constant flow of targets. However, navigating the different levels can be tricky, especially when optimizing cannon placement. The strategy in the Chasm of Fire involves careful movement between levels to maintain the cannon’s efficiency and manage aggro from multiple demons simultaneously.

Karuulm Slayer Dungeon

The Karuulm Slayer Dungeon is an ideal location if you’re on a Slayer task. While cannons are allowed, enhancing combat efficiency, you will be restricted to wearing the boots of stone or boots of brimstone. This dungeon is generally less crowded, offering a more peaceful experience. The strategy in this dungeon revolves around managing equipment and inventory effectively to sustain more extended periods of combat because it is far from a teleport unless you’ve completed the hard or elite Kebos diary.

Isle of Souls Dungeon

The Isle of Souls Dungeon, a relatively newer addition to OSRS, offers another unique spot for tackling Greater Demons. Situated on the serene yet isolated Isle of Souls, this dungeon provides a more tranquil demon-hunting experience away from the bustling crowds of more popular locations. A notable advantage here is the lower competition for monsters, allowing you to engage in battles without interruption.

This location does support the use of a cannon. The dungeon’s layout is relatively simple, making navigation straightforward and reducing the risk of getting overwhelmed by multiple enemies. Another benefit of the Isle of Souls Dungeon is its inclusion of other creatures and resources, making it a versatile spot for combat and skilling activities. This can be particularly advantageous for players looking to combine their combat grind with other in-game activities.

Final Thoughts

Each of these locations offers distinct challenges and benefits. Your combat preferences, risk tolerance, and objectives in the game should influence your choice. Whether it’s the high-risk, high-reward environment of the Wilderness, the controlled combat in the Catacombs of Kourend, or the specialized Slayer task setting in the Chasm of Fire, each place offers a unique demon-slaying journey. Equip and prepare yourself for each scenario, and always stay alert and adaptable to maximize your effectiveness against Greater Demons in OSRS.

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