WoW Dragonflight: How Do Primal Infusions Work?

The World of Warcraft community has received new and improved versions of professions during the Dragonflight’s release. The main reason why professions have become much more impactful is due to the implementation of Optional Reagents. These are modifiers that can cause a special effect on a crafting item. You can use Optional Reagents to craft Embellishments and add secondary stats customization options to tweak your gear.

Optional Reagents are rare items you can gather from doing activities around the Dragon Isles. From there, the crafting items can modify your weapons and armor by giving them different stats, a higher item level, and bonus abilities. One of the Optional Regeants is Primal Infusion, which is what everyone wants. In this guide, we’ll talk about how this variant works and how to get it.

General Overview of Optional Reagents

Optional Regeants are extra items that help upgrade your crafted gear’s stats and item level. However, they don’t apply to gathering professions, including Skinning, Mining, and Herbalism; they can only be applied to crafting professions (Blacksmithing, Leatherworking, etc.). While some Optional Reagents are Soulbound, meaning they’re untradeable, they can still be used in crafting orders, provided that you have them.

As of now, there are a total of six Optional Regeants you can use, and each of them can be obtained in various ways. But essentially, they can boost your gear’s stats and item level by different amounts.

  • Titan Training Matrix I
  • Titan Training Matrix II
  • Titan Training Matrix III
  • Titan Training Matrix IV
  • Primal Infusion
  • Concentrated Primal Infusion

For this guide, we’ll focus on Primal Infusions while dabbling into Concentrated Primal Infusions.

WoW Dragonflight: What is Primal Infusion?

Primal Infusions are World of Warcraft Dragonflight’s answer to breaking through the item level limit with crafted gear. It’s an extremely rare Optional Regeant used to upgrade Epic tier crafted items. Typically, you’d only have an item level of 382 with crafted gear, but by using Primal Infusion, you can bypass this and scale up to item level 405. If you want to craft anything above the usual item level, you must get your hands on some Primal Infusion.

How to Get Primal Infusions in WoW Dragonflight

There’s always the option to buy WoW gold Dragonflight and just purchase the Optional Reagent from the Auction House, but if you want to get it on your own without using your in-game currency, you’ll need two primary resources:

  • 100x Primal Chaos
  • 10x Primal Focus

Primal Focuses drops from Mythic+ dungeons at +11 or higher. They also drop from Heroic boss kills in the Vault of the Incarnates raid. You can always get some WoW boosting in online marketplaces if you need a party to help you do the raid. Meanwhile, Primal Chaos can be obtained by virtually doing any activity available in World of Warcraft Dragonflight, such as PvP.

Combine 100 Primal Chaos and 10 Primal Focus to craft a Primal Infusion. There’s also a higher tier of Primal Infusion known as Concentrated Primal Infusion, but we’ll talk more about that later.

 Besides crafting Primal Infusions, you can get them from a couple of sources in the game, be it from raids, quests, or maxing out your Renown with the main factions situated in the Dragon Isles. For example, once you’ve completed the main questline and the quest to defeat Raszageth on Normal difficulty, you’ll be rewarded with one Primal Infusion.

Plus, as we’ve said before, you can also earn Primal Infusions by defeating Heroid raid bosses and completing Mythic+ dungeons from level 11 to 16. There’s also the option for you to do Pve content, which will reward you with Primal Focus. You can use that resource and Primal Chaos—found in PvP boxes and treasure chests—to craft yourself 1x Primal Infusion.

How to Get Concentrated Primal Infusions in WoW Dragonflight

Concentrated Primal Infusions work similarly to Primal Infusions, but you’ll need a different set of crafting resources to create it. You’ll need the following items:

  • 150x Primal Chaos
  • 10x Concentrated Primal Focus

Concentrated Primal Focus can only be obtained by getting Mythic boss kills in the Vaults of the Incarnate raid. This Optional Reagent allows you to craft items at item levels 408-418. Once you have the necessary materials, go to your crafting station and select the item you want to craft. Then, click on Infusion with Power and select your infusion. Finally, use the necessary resources (150x Primal Chaos and 10x Concentrated Primal Focus), and you’re done.


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