Do you have ADHD?

ADHD is a very common neurodevelopmental disorder. It’s very prevalent in the case of children, but it’s also something you encounter in the case of adults. Anyone that has ADHD usually doesn’t have the ability to pay attention, they have impulsive behaviors, and many times they tend to be extremely active. It can still be very difficult to know if you have ADHD or not. Here we will show you a list of symptoms that will help narrow down if you have ADHD.

What types of ADHD are there?

Before we learn the ADHD symptoms, it’s a good idea to learn the different types of ADHD you can find out there. They include:

  • PIP or predominantly inattentive presentation means the person in question is unable to finish or organize a task. They don’t have the ability to pay attention to details, nor can they follow instructions.
  • PHIP or predominantly hyperactive impulse presentation means the patient is talking a lot and he fidgets as well. They find it difficult to stay still for a prolonged lifespan. These people have a sense of restlessness and can also be very impulsive. 
  • Lastly, you have a combined presentation which combines symptoms of both PHIP and PIP. 

 What leads to ADHD?

There are different causes that lead to ADHD, depending on the situation. These can be anything from brain injuries to being exposed to environmental risks, genetics, women drinking or smoking during pregnancy, a premature delivery and many others. There are some myths that ADHD is related to eating too much sugar, parenting methods or watching too much TV, but those are false.

Symptoms you should be looking for

If you’re wondering if you have ADHD or not, there are a few symptoms you may want to focus on. A person with ADHD tends to daydream a lot, and they also forget items or lose them without even wanting to. They also tend to talk way too much, they fidget and squirm, since they are unable to stay in a single place without doing something.

Another thing to note about ADHD patients is they take risks that are unnecessary or their mistakes are very careless. It can be difficult for a person with ADHD to get along with other people, and they find it challenging to resist any type of temptation. That’s why they can fall into gambling and a variety of other temptation-focused habits. 

What should you do?

In case you encounter multiple of the ADHD symptoms shown above, the best approach is to try and talk with a psychologist or a medical professional. They will offer you all the necessary guidance and treatment options. Of course, treatments will differ based on your age and other factors. With that in mind, ADHD is common between adults, unfortunately many adults are never diagnosed and live with it. In fact, sometimes people end up hyperactive later on in their life, and they think it’s related to the challenges of adulthood. We encourage you to talk with a professional psychologist and also give the Numo app a try to educate yourself about ADHD and find the right treatment options!

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