John Holmes Net Worth: What is This Adult Actor’s Worth?

Many times, we fail to notice the reality of a person. We look ahead of the person rather than looking at the present and the past. But human nature is to study the whole of a person. You can never study it in bits and parts. You must know the person completely to tell others about that one person. Like that, today, you must be here to gather information about John Holmes and his net worth.

It is possible that you might have seen him somewhere or read about him. Many times you come across a person by seeing or reading, or sometimes you hear about them from someone. And then, there is a rise in your curiosity to learn more about that one figure. Can you deny this thing? You cannot, and that is okay; that is most the people’s way to find out about something or some information about someone.

As you move forward to read this blog, make sure you know what you are looking for. That is because you can get the answers to the question in your mind about John Holmes. Keep reading the blog to find out the information you have been looking for about John Holmes.

john holmes net worth

The profession of John Holmes

The adult acting industry is really huge, and John Holmes was a part of that industry. He has done many such films, maybe more than 1000s, and has earned money through that. It is not like his profession was an adult acting from the beginning itself.

First, John Holmes got himself enrolled in the US armed forces at a very young age. And when he got off from the army, he moved to a different state and did small works like driving cabs, delivering, and many more small works. But still, the money he earned won’t be sufficing.

Then, someone offered him to act for the adult film industry and said that he could get paid more than the other small works he does. And e tried his luck out, and from the very first film he did was for the renounced director of the adult film industry Mr. Chinn. After that, John Holmes did many more films for Mr. Chinn and many other production companies as well and made his place in this industry.

john holmes net worth

Later Stages of Life

It is not like John Holmes had peace in this life. Though, we can say he was looking for it. But as money started to have a more important place in his life, he started to get into shambles. The industry that gave him the money to survive, that money started to go into drugs. And it started making his life difficult. In the later stages of life, any funds with him will go into drugs and narcotics. This was not a positive side of his life, but nothing could be done about it. Even the fund from his partnership with his brother’s shop would go into drugs as well.

john holmes net worth

Net Worth of John Holmes

With John Holmes’s profession being so everlasting and with good business, you must think his net worth should be a lot. But since, at the end stages of his life, any money he would have would go into drugs. So, no money would be left with him.

After detailed research, it has been found that after John Holmes passed out, he had a net worth of $100 thousand. This must sound a lot less for someone who has worked hard and made his fame in the industry, but unfortunately, that is what was left by him.

Passing away of John Holmes

Even having worked his entire life and changed so many jobs, he landed himself in the adult industry. And it actually was going well, but sadly he was diagnosed with AIDS. At that time, AIDS was something that had no cure. And he knew he had a few years or maybe months with him. But even after getting diagnosed, he survived two years.

John Holmes himself told others he had colon cancer when he was given a highly paid amount to work in Italy for a movie. But sadly, in his early 40s, John Holmes passed away of a disease that had no cure.

john holmes net worth

Family of John Holmes

John Holmes comes from a family who lived back in Ohio. He lived with his mom and his step-father and grew up alongside his siblings and half-siblings. The family, though distorted, he never felt his mother be not by his side as she was always there for him. But when ends could not seem to meet, he joined the armed forces in the US and served in the German states.

Later he moved to Los Angelos and met a girl with whom he fell in love and married. They lived together for almost around 20 years, but then the knot ended up in divorce. But it did not seem to change much. After a few years, during his work in the adult industry itself, he and one of his co-actor ended up falling in love with each other even though she was younger in age. They too got married soon, but later that year, John Holmes passed away and left the young lady in grief.

Final Thoughts

When you read about someone, you get a different perspective of them. In this blog, we tried to fill in on most parts of John Holmes’s life and the most important question of John Holmes Net Worth. Hopefully, the information provided in this blog is useful to you, and you found quite more than the information you were looking for. Also, share this blog with those who want to learn about John Holmes’s Net Worth!

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