Lindsey Boylan Husband – Details About the Lovable Couple’s Life

Lindsey boylan husband: Who doesn’t want to know more about the super gorgeous and sexy lady Lindsey Boylan! Apart from being good-looking, the woman has talents that make people go crazy about her. Lindsey’s contribution to the United States is immense. She knows her job and is, of course, justified the position she is in today. And that’s what makes people eager to know more about the sensational woman and wish to learn about Lindsey Boylan’s husband and more!

The lady who has been the former public servant is indeed a talked-about personality. So, if you, too, are interested in taking a sneak-peek into Lindsey’s life, look no further than our segment below! Here we will give you a glimpse about Lindsey Boylan husband and much more.

lindsey boylan husband

Who is Lindsey Boylan?

Before we dig deep about her love life and reveal to you who Lindsey’s husband is, let’s find out more about Lindsey Boylan.

Lindsey is a former official government employee of the United States. She took birth in the city of California on April 5, 1984. However, Virginia is where her hometown is!

Lindsey wasn’t the only child of her parents – Kieran Boylan and Karan Boylan. Raised among her two siblings – Lindsey Boylan had a normal childhood with her parents.

When she grew up, she decided to study political theory and hence went to Wellesley College. But she didn’t just stop there; the lady decided to her masters as well. For that, she worked towards getting into Columbia University, where she completed her MBA.

Then, Lindsey went to New York and worked there as a deputy secretary in the Economic Development Department. During Lindsey Boylan’s employment, she showed her concern for the Puerto Rican people during a time of crisis. Plus, she also sent through the Paid Leave policy for the people of New York.

However, later when she was working under governor Andrew Cuomo, she accused him of kissing her for many years. Lindsey worked for the governor for about three years. And she would be repeatedly touched without her permission. But finally, in 2018, she broke the ice and spoke about the thing she hated the most.

Andrew Cuomo was accused by Lindsey for the repeated unethical comments that he used to make repeated to Lindsey and other women working for him! Andrew simply misused the power and position and threatened these women for a year. But the courage that Lindsey showed is really worth speaking about!

Who is Lindsey Boylan Husband?

Not only does good looks matter, but courage and determination are also equally important. One needs to understand where to drop the line and actually speak out.

Lindsey Boylan found the love of her life and married LeRoy Kim. The couple tied the wedding knots in 2012. When the couple married, Lindsey was only 28, and LeRoy was 40! Indeed, it shows that age is just a number, and it doesn’t create a barrier when the love is pure.

The couple tied the wedding knots in Sleepy Hollow Country Club which is situated in New York’s Scarborough.

lindsey boylan husband

Who is LeRoy Kim?

Now that you know who Lindsey Boylan’s husband is let’s take a close look at his life and learn more about him!

LeRoy Kim works as the managing director in the investment bank called Allen & Company. However, before Kim joined the Allen & Company, it worked in a company called Lehman Brother, where he was an analyst.

LeRoy Kim belongs to an economics background and completed his graduation from Princeton University.

1972 was the year LeRoy Kim was born, but we are not sure about his date of birth. Kim’s parents have demised Mr. Thomas C. Kim and Suzan H. Kim. The latter happens to be the owner of Stillman Studios, which is a garment collection shop.

Do the Couple Have Children?

Yes, the couple is much into each other, and they also have a girl child. Since her birth, the child has been the center of attraction for both parents. And we can well see that in several of the videos and pictures they put up on Instagram.

The girl’s name is Vivienne. Through the pictures, it is clearly evident that the couple are deeply in love with each other, and their child is their very special gift.

Lindsey Boylan & LeRoy Kim Social Media Accounts

The couple seems to be quite active on their social media accounts. Not only Instagram, but they are quite actively present on Facebook, Twitter, and more.

They regularly put-up posts with their daughter and their whereabouts. And of course, fans are indeed delighted to see the activeness of the couple.

Lindsey Boylan & LeRoy Kim Net Worth

Now that you know so much about the couple, you must be eager to learn more about the net worth too! So, let’s find out more!

Lindsey Boylan’s net worth as of 2022 is 5,00,000 USD. And for her husband, even though there are no official records that declare his net worth, it is estimated to be around $1 to 5 million. However, there is no official confirmation for the same.

Final Thoughts

As we come to the end of our blog today, we hope you know everything about Lindsey Boylan’s husband and take an overview of their lives. The couples seem to be immensely in love with each other, and this is there to stay. We wish the couple the best in their life, and they stay in this way forever and rise to the epitome of their careers as well.

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