The McGregor doping scandal

Conor McGregor is one of the brightest figures in UFC history. He’s rocked his entire career, both in and out of the octagon. But the organization will have to say goodbye to Notorious. The obnoxious Irishman “cheated” when he returned to the octagon. In the past few days, the mixed martial arts world has been hotly discussing the issue of Conor. Judging by the current form that McGregor maintains without regular training, he has always used illegal drugs. Except now he can’t escape without punishment. Notorious has finally played its game!

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Star Joe Rogan did not choose words to enthusiastically comment on the situation. He said what even Conor fans are thinking right now: “He takes his shirt off and poses all the time. And he looks like his tests are going to melt a doping test jar. It feels like he wants to burn through the bottom of it. Strangely, there’s a loophole in the USADA rules that allows you to get off the testing list. You get six months. But if you’ve had an injury, that’s a smart decision, isn’t it? Growth hormones and peptides can be great for rebuilding the body. Somehow, they affect bone density. Although there are some things that stay in the body for a very long time and it won’t work.”

But USADA was in no hurry to get the Irish back into the octagon. The organization released an official statement. There are no exceptions to the rules for Conor. Athletes must continuously be on the roster and be screened for six months in order to continue competing. Even if McGregor will be in the pool for now, he will have to wait until the summer of 2023. And that is if all the doping swabs come back negative. However, the organization left Conor with a small loophole. He may be able to circumvent the restriction if he can find and provide evidence of the circumstances that justify the removal of Notorius from the USADA group.

McGregor himself continues to be bluffing and manipulative. He deliberately believes in the favorable outcome of this situation:

“I am ready to be tested in February. I’ll take two USADA tests and we’ll meet up for a fight.


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