Top 3 Ways to Make a Twitter Blog Popular : Paid Impressions and Other Promo Secrets

More than 1 billion users scroll through the Twitter feed every month, but only a few of them have been able to become successful here. Everyone has their own goal – someone comes here to have fun and relax, someone reads the news and participates in discussions, and someone is focused on results and wants to become a famous creator in the online community. If you belong to the 3rd category of users, then you probably could already face some problems on the way to fame. Low activity, lack of readers and wild competition are only a small part of blogging problems. The path to success is thorny, but it is real, and you can become famous right now, regardless of the current size of the blog.

Today there are quite a few different ways to grow on the platform, and one of the most effective is the opportunity to buy Twitter Impressions through which you can significantly improve the overall rating of the page, make posts more visible and get new subscribers. This method is as efficient, fast and convenient as possible, but it isn’t the only tool you should know. Today we’ll tell you about paid boosts and other promo secrets for your organic, fast and comprehensive development on the platform.

  • Post at the right time 

This is actually of great importance both for your development on the site and for faster formation of a loyal audience. You see, every blogger has his target subscribers, that is, people who are interested in their content. Accordingly, the ideal time for tweets is different for each of them; there is no universal time interval, you should understand this. The prevailing consensus is that the best time to post is between noon and 3 pm on weekdays, but there is little truth in this. 

You see, if your target audience is teenagers and students, they are unlikely to be online at this time. Therefore, we recommend spending a little more effort on experiments – post messages at different times to choose the best time for your tweets and make them more visible; this is one of the secrets of famous bloggers.

  • Buying impressions 

Impressions play one of the main roles in the formation of excellent statistics and image. They show how many times your posts have been viewed in the user feed. Based on this information, algorithms rank posts from interesting and relevant to boring and offer (or don’t offer) them to users. Therefore, if you’re determined and want to achieve success as quickly and efficiently as possible, be sure to try this boost for your page.

Be careful and keep in mind that bots and fakes may be hiding under the guise of authentic interactions. Before entrusting advertising tasks to the company, double-check the information on the website and reviews, ask the manager questions about the reality of interaction and guarantees. In this case, you won’t lose money and get an excellent result. If you don’t have time to search and study information, just click on the link at the beginning of the article and get a quality service at a fair price.

  • Add visual content 

Photos, videos and GIFs take up most of the feed on a smartphone, so don’t miss the chance to make your posts more “big” and visible. Add images and clips to attract more readers and stop their attention on your posts. Good luck!

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