Top 6 Animated Explainer Video Companies for 2024

The digital marketing and content creation market is rapidly evolving as a result of seamless digitization and technological advancements occurring across industries.

And, in this ever-changing situation, an effective marketing tool that is widely used by marketers  is animated explainer videos – continues to be a powerhouse for brands.

Their widespread use is primarily due to the many benefits they provide, such as increased reach among the target audience, enhanced brand identity, increased conversions and sales, and so on.

As we approach 2024 and the demand for explainer videos grows, it is critical to identify the best animated explainer video companies.

Best 8 Animated Explainer Video Companies for 2024

If you’re looking to get explainer videos created for your brand or product but are unable to find a suitable company matching your requirements, here’s a comprehensive list.

The companies listed below have been selected on the basis of the quality and richness of their explainer video portfolio, years of experience, and other factors such as delivery timelines, costs, communication, etc.

Check them out below:

1. MotionGility

Feebak | Software Explainer Video | SaaS Product Demo Video

Headquartered in Pennsylvania, USA, and having offices in Indore, India, and Canada, MotionGility is a dynamic explainer video company that creates appealing and results-driven videos.

Since 2015, they’ve been delivering quality animated videos to top brands such as HDFC, Pfizer, ADNOC, Nissan, Portfolio+, etc., to name a few.

Their USP lies in supplying excellent product demo videos, fintech explainers, blockchain videos, etc., at affordable rates within set timelines.

2. Wyzowl

Explain Your Product or Service With Video | Wyzowl

Established in 2011, Wyzowl has been one of the most preferred explainer video companies. 

Their services include a comprehensive range consisting of explainer videos for real estate, financial services, healthcare, technology, social media, etc.

As far as their video production process is concerned, they offer unlimited revisions and have delivered over 2000+ videos in the past years.o videos, fintech explainers, blockchain videos, etc., at affordable rates within set timelines.

3. Yum Yum Videos

Explainer Video Reel 2023 | Yum Yum Videos

An Argentinean company, Yum Yum Videos, is another recognized company known for creating visually stunning explainer videos. 

Having worked with multiple brands such as American Express, McKesson, etc., their expertise lies in providing quality services such as whiteboard animation, tutorial videos, educational videos, etc.

Their vision lies in creating storytelling-rich videos, and they believe in working with brands that are passionate about their work.

4. Breadnbeyond

Explainer Video Animation for VirtuSwap

Driven by the 3C’s – Clarity, communication, and concision—Breadnbeyond is another explainer video company based out of Indonesia. 

The company offers brands a versatile range of animated video services ranging from customer onboarding videos, product demo videos, training videos, etc.

Their core belief lies in delivering exceptional quality explainer videos and keeping customers in the loop at every stage of the video production process.

5. Kasra Design

Mindsay – Animated Explainer Video by Kasra Design©

Kasra Design is an award-winning animated explainer video company based in Malaysia.

The agency’s core proposition rests on delivering tailored solutions to their clients in terms of quality explainer videos.

Kasra Design’s expertise lies in creating motion graphics and corporate and 3D animation-style videos.

  1. 6. Gisteo

Best Explainer Videos 2020 | Gisteo

Gisteo, based in San Diego, specializes in short, effective explainer videos. Their simple yet informative video has assisted countless e-commerce enterprises in rapidly and successfully communicating their messages.

The company has been listed as one of the top explainer video companies of 2023 on Clutch, with a belief in delivering exceptionally engaging and appealing videos to brands worldwide.


The top eight best-animated explainer video companies listed above were chosen based on their expertise and achievements over time.

Explainer videos are an excellent marketing solution for brands looking to effectively communicate the features of their product or the brand story to their target audience.

You can achieve your brand awareness and marketing objectives by using these videos.

As we consider 2024 and the demand for explainer videos grows, it becomes critical to identify the best-animated explainer video companies.

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