Want an Offshore Bank Account? Opt for Belize!

An offshore account is a must-have for any far-sighted person who wishes to have access to funds at any time, and their popularity is just growing. While offshore accounts used to be connected with illegal practices, they are not anymore as offshore banking is regulated just as strictly as the rest of the world – well, almost. You will have to comply with all reasonable international requirements, and you will still have some perks that you cannot have in your banks back home.

In this post, we will look at Belize which is a really good banking destination. You can open a personal account online in this Central American financial hub and take advantage of all the best high-class banking services. Please visit our portal to read more about how to open an offshore account in Belize and international banking, business, asset protection, and more. We handpick the best up-to-the-minute offers to make sure our customers get the best!

We also have a team of experienced specialists who will seamlessly guide you through the procedure. You can book a free initial session to discuss your needs, and we will ask questions to see whether we can provide the service to you and whether it is suitable for your preferences (otherwise, we will recommend another option to you). You can also order a turnkey package of services from us to get a fully functional account without much effort.

Personal Account in Belize: Advantages

We will recommend a reliable bank in Belize that you will really appreciate (as most of our customers did). Let’s take a look at its benefits:

  • The bank is really reliable as it has a high liquidity ratio (the local laws require it to have much larger liquidity indicators than in the USA, for example, which is impressive)
  • The bank is interested in working with non-residents and provides high-quality services to keep them satisfied
  • If there are any innovations in the financial market you would like to use, chances are high that they are available in the Belize bank as it closely monitors the new products that appear
  • The Belize bank has many financial partners, including banks. You can take advantage of asset management services in different currencies as it has correspondent relations with numerous banks across the globe.
  • You can have a VISA debit card issued by a US partner to use in any country to make payments and withdraw cash at ATMs
  • The Bank Secrecy Act that the Belize bank adheres to means that your bank information will be kept secret
  • The legal framework of Belize is on the beneficiary’s side, so the latter’s rights will always be protected
  • If interest rates are among your concerns, the Belize bank offers quite competitive ones
  • 2019 was the year when the Belize bank was ranked first among the private banks in Latin America, and it testifies to the remarkable achievements of the financial institution

Sounds interesting? Follow the above link to get in touch with our experts and find out more!

Belize Bank: Services Provided to Non-Residents

If you are interested in investments, the Belize bank will offer many attractive options, such as the following ones:

  • A fixed-term deposit placed at a competitive rate for 1 to 5 years
  • A demand deposit account to accrue interest
  • A VISA debit card to be used internationally

There are five major currencies that the bank uses to open accounts: US dollars, Canadian dollars, euros, pound sterling, and Swiss franc.

Visa Debit Card

A bank account is hardly imaginable without a bank card as you will need to pay in stores and sometimes withdraw cash at ATMs. 

Let’s look at the card offered by the offshore bank in Belize:

  • The maximum amount to be kept on the card is 10,000 US dollars
  • You can use the card in any country and in any place where the VISA logo is available (the only restricted country is Russia)
  • There are no restrictions as to cash withdrawals from ATMs across the globe
  • You can receive an account statement by email

You can visit the above link to see the fees related to card maintenance, reloading, and so on.

Types of Accounts

Savings Account

  • The only available currency is US dollars
  • You will need to deposit at least 1,000 US dollars to open an account
  • You can open a savings account for 1 to 5 years
  • The rate will depend on the amount you deposit
  • You will have to pay an entry fee (USD 100) and a FATCA fee (USD 250)
  • The account maintenance fee is USD 14.5 paid monthly

Demand Deposit Account

This account allows the customer to withdraw funds from it as many times as you want. The currency and the minimum amount are the same as for the savings account, and the interest paid depends on the amount deposited as well. The interest is paid on a monthly basis, and the information on the account is available at any time. You can get a monthly statement if you want. The entry fee, FATCA fee, and monthly maintenance fee are standard for all Belize accounts.

Fixed-Term Deposit Account

This is a deposit at a fixed rate which will allow you to get a certain guaranteed amount at the end of the term. The rate varies depending on the term, from 1.75% if you deposit the funds for 1 year to 3% if you deposit them for 5 years. 

If you want to withdraw the amount before the agreed deadline, you will have to pay a commission of 1%. The minimum amount you are required to deposit with the bank to open this kind of account is 25,000 US dollars.

Opening a Belize Account: Steps to Take

  • Click on the above link to get in touch with us and tell us you want to set up an account in Belize
  • Sign a service contract with us
  • Pay for our services using any convenient means
  • Collect the package of documents according to our recommendations and provide them to our experts for a meticulous check
  • Wait a little while we settle all administrative issues with the bank and get a fully operational Belize bank account in no time!

Mind that we will offer a different alternative if we see that Belize is not the right jurisdiction for you. Our experts focus on your convenience rather than just sell a particular product. Contact us to get the best for you!

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