10 incredibly useful iPhone productivity secrets

As an iPhone user, you’re well aware that this device can serve as both an essential work tool and a potential distraction. Fortunately, various features can enhance your iPhone experience and keep you focused. Here are the most useful secrets for iPhone that you should know.

Top 10 Incredibly Useful iPhone Productivity Secrets

#1 Use Focus Filters

The latest iOS 16 update introduces a brand new feature called ‘Focus Filters.’ This feature empowers you to include or exclude specific types of content within your apps. For instance, you can choose to only see conversations in Messages from people you’ve allowed or filter the Mail app to display emails exclusively from certain inboxes. These remarkable features help minimize distractions from unread messages that aren’t relevant to your current work.

To activate this setting: Navigate to your selected Focus mode setting and tap on Add Filter. Customize the filters according to your preferences.

#2 Get rid of trash

Most likely, your iPhone has accumulated a lot of garbage and you need a cleaner app. With CleanUp cleaner, you can get rid of various temporary and unnecessary data. You can download it via the link and start using it almost immediately. This phone app can also compress photos and videos. It offers smart smartphone cleaning without interfering with users’ data without their consent.

#3 Set Time Limits

Many of us find ourselves spending more time than we should on apps and games. Although TikTok videos can be entertaining, they can also consume a lot of time. Luckily, your iPhone allows you to set time limits for the apps you use, ensuring that you don’t waste time when you need to focus on work.

To set time limits for an app, follow these steps:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Select Screen Time.
  3. Tap on App Limits.
  4. Tap Add Limit.
  5. Choose the category you desire.
  6. Select the specific app or game you want to limit. You may also tap the category again to select all games or apps.
  7. Tap Next.
  8. Choose the desired time limit. You can also customize different time limits for specific days.
  9. Once finished, tap Add.

#4 Use a One-Handed Keyboard

When it comes to typing, using a small smartphone screen is far less convenient than using a physical keyboard. This is especially true when you’re walking with your iPhone and trying to type with both thumbs.

But with iOS 12 and later, there’s a really useful feature that makes typing easier—it allows you to type with just one thumb. To access this feature, go to Settings, then tap General, then Keyboard, and finally One Handed Keyboard. On the next screen, select either Left or Right based on whether you’re left- or right-handed.

#5 Set Communication Limits

To avoid distractions and maintain focus, you can set communication limits just like limiting app usage. Follow these steps:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Tap Screen Time.
  3. Select Communication Limits.
  4. Choose During Screen Time and then select one of the following: Contacts Only, Contacts & Groups with At Least One Contact, or Everyone.
  5. Choose During Downtime and then select either Specific Contacts or Everyone. If you choose Specific Contacts, select the contacts you desire.
  6. The Communication Limits feature will be applied to Phone, FaceTime, Messages, and iCloud contacts.

#6 White Noise

iPhones offer a convenient feature for individuals who prefer working with white noise. To activate it, follow these steps:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap Control Centre
  3. Add Hearing to Included Controls
  4. Swipe Down to Control Centre
  5. Tap the Ear Icon
  6. Select Background Sounds
  7. Choose your desired white noise.

#7 Switch On Greyscale

Increase productivity by utilizing grayscale mode on your iPhone. This built-in feature reduces the allure of social media feeds and mobile games.

To activate grayscale:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap on Accessibility
  3. Select Display & Text Size
  4. Choose Colour Filters
  5. Turn on Colour Filters
  6. Tap on Grayscale.

#8 Share Screenshots Fast

To share a webpage or document section with colleagues, follow these steps: Take a screenshot, then tap, hold, and release the preview at the lower left of your display. You will be directed to the Share menu directly, eliminating the need to open the full annotation screen and tap Share separately.

#9 Set Up Text Replacement

One invaluable tip I’ve discovered is how iOS can significantly speed up typing with text-replacement shortcuts. Shortcuts can be personalized combinations of letters or symbols that expand into frequently used words or phrases.

For instance, I often wrote about devices with edge-to-edge displays. Due to the hyphenation needed for “edge-to-edge,” it was frustratingly slow to type on my iPhone. To remedy this, I created a text replacement. Now, whenever I type “e2e,” iOS automatically substitutes it with “edge-to-edge.”

#10 Unleash Siri’s Potential

Maximize your productivity with Siri! While you may have already used Siri multiple times, there’s so much more it can do for you. From adding items to your Reminders app and sending emails to reading your messages, Siri is a versatile tool with limitless potential.

In addition, Siri collaborates effortlessly with third-party apps. Begin by experimenting with simple Siri commands on your Mac or iPhone. Although it may require some getting used to, Siri can rapidly enhance your productivity.


In fact, the iPhone can do more than you think. You just need to configure useful functions or understand how they work. This will reduce the time spent searching for the necessary information and performing routine tasks.

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