How to Build a Gaming PC With Lightning-Fast SSD Storage Without Breaking the Bank

Building a gaming PC from scratch must be one of the most exciting activities for any gamer. You get to unravel the intricacies of parts of a computer while opting for the hardware that is going to work for your needs. However, the one factor that will downplay your new PC build is the cost. With high-end graphics cards, processors and other components, you could end up spending a fortune if you are not smart. However, there are smart ways in which you can save money, and this can be done with storage. Instead of opting for a traditional hard drive, choose the lightning-fast solid-state hard drive or SSD. They, too, greatly enhance your gaming experience without costing a lot. Let us unpack how you can build a gaming PC with lightning-fast SSD storage without breaking the bank. 

Choose the right SSD

Easier said than done, considering the sheer volume of SSDs available today. The first step in building a Gaming pc is to choose the right SSD. Keep in mind that SSDs come in several sizes and speeds, and you will find one that suits your budget and needs. So, how and where do you start looking? There is one specification you must view before making your decision. Look at the SSD’s read or write speed. If this is high, then it is a go. With a high read or write speed, you know that your PC will perform optimally and probably exceed your gaming experience. 

Currently, on the market, there are two exceptional SSDs we think are the best of the best: the Samsung 970 EVO Plus and the Western Digital Blue SN550. The Samsung EVO Plus comes with a stellar reputation. The SSD is dependable, offers super high speed and it is the preferred choice for gamers all over the world. Western Digital is also a preferred choice since it offers fast read and write speeds. The Western Digital SSD is also slightly more affordable.  

Before you head for the tech store, keep in mind that the SSD you buy will depend on two things: your budget and the level of performance you want to game at. For PC hardware, in many cases, the more you spend, the better value you receive. But you can find that rare and affordable item you need.  

The motherboard 

What is a motherboard? It is the main printed circuit board of your computer. In other words, the brain. It communicates between the hardware and software to ensure you can use your computer for several reasons. So, you can understand why your motherboard is a critical factor in building your gaming PC. The first thing to look out for is whether your new SSD is compatible with your motherboard. While most modern motherboards support SSDs, it is vital to double-check if that is the case. 

The second consideration and check you must perform is to ensure your motherboard supports Non-Volatile Memory Express or NVME protocol. So, what is the NVME protocol? It is a protocol designed for SSDs. NVMEs are also responsible for the communication between a CPU and SSD. And allows the two to work together faster. Furthermore, it enables your computer to have overall faster load times and performance.  

Next, check that your motherboard has an M2 slot. Since this is the most common slot for NVME SSDs. The M2 slot works together with PCI express lanes. It is also critical for your SSD since it ensures your storage can run optimally. 


Your CPU preference 

At the heart of your gaming PC is your CPU. So, it is vital to choose one that works well with your SSD. You need to have a CPU with at least four cores and a high clock speed. This is important because it allows your CPU to maintain the fast read and write speeds of the SSD. And we have two example CPUs you want to look at. 

The first one is the Intel Core i5-11600K. A perfect choice for those gamers who want to ensure their computer can handle both multitasking and demanding gameplay. Then there is the AMD Ryzen 5 5600x. While more affordable than the Intel option, it still offers the excellent performance needed to have an overall perfect gaming session.  

When you choose your CPU, it will be based on your personal preferences. There are multiple options available that cater to everyone, including those who are on a slightly lower budget. The key takeaway is that you will find something that works for you. 


Additional hardware

Gamers are always raving about graphics cards. Often, a graphics card costs the most, which makes it that much more important to make the better decision. The graphics card or Graphics Processing Unit or GPU works together with the CPU to deliver stellar graphics for your gaming experience. A pro tip here is to not skimp with this purchase.  

There is also your power supply unit, headphones, mouse and keyboard, as well as a gaming chair to consider. All of these add to your overall gaming experience. To end, ensure you have researched your computer components and purchased the hardware you need to ensure you will have a wonderful gaming experience for years to come. But also check out how others are building a PC for gaming. how others are building a gaming PC.

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