Martie Allen & Kristy McNichol Relationship Details!

No matter how modern we turn out to be and what we do, we still live in a world where same-sex marriage isn’t considered a pious thing. When a man and woman have a relationship with each other people think is NORMAL but when a man and another guy or a woman and a lady get into a relationship, the entire thing is considered to be forbidden.

Similarly, a couple who spoke up about their relationship to save many more youngsters is Martie Allen and Kristy McNichol. You must be familiar with the names as they are quite renowned names in the media industry. Both the ladies have been talking about relationships recently as they think it might help many more young couples who are homosexual.

When Did Martie Allen & Kristy McNichol Declare Their Relationship?

Martie Allen was born in 1960 and the date is estimated to be January 1. And Kristy McNichol was born is two years later in 1962 on September 11.

It’s noted that the couple has been in a relationship since 1990. And they decided to keep this a secret and indeed did so for a really long. It was until 2012 that Kristy spoke about her homosexuality.

However, Kristy did not mention anything about her being in a relationship with Martie Allen. Kristy also spoke up that many young kids have been bullied because of being homosexual. So, she said that so that her relationship makes a statement and puts forth an example to the public.

Kristy said that she is in a relationship for almost two decades. Later with the fans going crazy over this matter, people wanted to learn about who she is in a relationship with. And that was when they found out that Martie Allen was Kristy’s wife.

What Was Martie Allen’s Talk About her Relationship?

Martie spoke about her relationship much later. She opened up about it saying that she sacrificed her acting career as there were many speculations about her sexuality.

And if she continued being in the acting industry the speculations would increase. So, it was best that she left and continued with another profession.

Martie Allen Career

Marie is also a part of the media world and there isn’t any doubt that she continues to be among the actresses who haven’t got much of the limelight. Allen has worked in some films but is not as famous as her partner is. So, later on, she decided to quit her profession and adapt to something that would suit her personality and keep her off the speculations.

Finally, she decided of getting into an acting school where she would teach the kids a skill that she’s good at. Many people don’t get as much fame, but they can be great actors and one such example here is Marie Allen.

Martie is a kind-hearted lady and she doesn’t only stop where it comes to her profession. She is also associated with a charity house where is quite an active member. Indulging in donations, working for needy people, and doing other kind deeds are prime parts of this charity house.

So, one can conclude that Martie Allen unlike her partner Kristy McNichol holds an extremely low profile.

martie allen

Martie’s Personal Life & Parents

The couple is currently residing in a lavish house in Los Angeles, where Marie works in a school and her partner is still actively working as an actor.

Coming to Marie’s parents we are yet to know their names and other whereabouts. Other pieces of information in this regard are yet to be disclosed. However, I must say that Kristy has a young brother – Jimmy McNichol who also is a part of the media industry and works as a child actor.

Seems from what comes out that the couple doesn’t like to disclose much about themselves and hence keeps everything private to themselves.

Martie Allen & Kristy McNichol’s Marriage

Kristy McNichol and Martie are in a relationship since 1990 and that’s what we conclude from their records. It was until 2012 that people started talking about their relationship. Even though earlier we weren’t aware of their exact partner but now everything is clear.

After the couple was in a relationship for a really long time they decided to get married. We have no pictures or evidence of the exact date the couple got married but they did declare they have been married to each other.

Keeping the entire affair extremely private the couple tied the knot and now peaceful lives life in Los Angeles.

martie allen

Martie Allen & Kristy McNichol Net Worth

The couple is working and it goes without saying that Kristy is quite a famous comedian who has established her place in the entertainment industry. People really love her for the excellent acting skills she possesses.

Even though Martie couldn’t establish herself in this industry but people still know about her and wish to learn about her whereabouts. Earning from school, the couple really lives a lavish lifestyle.

The estimated net worth of both Kristy McNichol and Martie Allen is around $7 million. However, this is an estimated amount and we are not sure if the acquired wealth is more or lesser.

We need to update the section on their cars, and house. But we know as of now that the couple already owns one house in Los Angeles.

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Conclusive Insights

With this as I slowly approach the end of our blog. I hope you are aware of all the information about Martie Allen and Kristy McNichol. The couple has proven their guts by declaring it to the world about their relationship. This is giving inspiration to many other kids who are homosexual.

Homosexuality is not a forbidden truth that one needs to conserve. This is a normal phenomenon and more the people accept it, the better it’s going to turn out to be. Or else, over and again people are going to commit suicide or get into a relationship that they are not happy being in.

Even though this is shown by the government but we still need to work on our minds and strive toward accepting this fact with an open heart.

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